Anthony Whyte

Conan’s colossal trailer

Browsing through the yahoo website I came across what appears to be, to my knowledge, the first trailer for the new Conan movie. I’m technically impressed with the approach of the trailer, but a bit underwhelmed as far as the approach for the source material. I guess I’d hoped for … [Read More]

Pacific Rim Plot

Spoiler warnings for everyone as Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming project has had very few details released aside for the fact that Del Toro was directing. Today I feel as though we have found out more than we ever expected to learn without purchasing a theater ticket first: Source: News In … [Read More]

Derek Luke is a Howling Commando

An interesting tidbit surrounding the Captain America movie is the reveal of Derek Luke’s character in the movie. Dark Horizons brings us the details that he will actually get a somewhat recognizable role as he portrays Gabe Jones: Source: Dark Horizons In comics lore, Jones was the first African-American to … [Read More]