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Dungeons & Dragons 3

Yes, you read that title right. Somewhere in the world, some brain trust that obviously made they’re money from an inheritance decided to not only produce a sequel to one of the most horrible pieces of cinematic trash you’d ever fear to come across in the bargain bins… but a … [Read More]

X3 Lands a Writer

Nothing scares me more than having someone on board for a comic film with no experience (take a look at what happened to Catwoman for heavens sake). Counting Down is now reporting that the hand of Simon Kinberg is going to pen X3. YAAAYY! The deal puts Kinberg back in … [Read More]

Audio Edition – June 12th 2006

AudioDescription=Welcome to the LONGEST Audio Edition in history. Over an hour of movie talking goodness. On today’s way too long show some of the topics we discuss are:

1) MediaMelt at FIlmrot.Com in a car accident (publicity stunt)

2) Sean Connery

3) More Transformers stuff (you know we talk about it all the time)

4) FIrst Superman Returns Reviews

5) More thoughts on Remakes

6) Hulk 2 not really Hulk 2

7) Lucas Writing Connery into Indy 4

8) Thor (the pansy) Movie

9) Box office results

10) Controversial movies

11) X-Men 3 Box Office results

12) Why Magneto Used Bridge in X-Men 3

13) Darren gives his thoughts on “Cars”

14) John Give his thoughts on “The Omen”

15) John’s thoughts on “Dungeons and Dragons 2”

16) Doug talk a little “Big Momma’s House 2”

All this and a few things more.