“The Color Purple” Might Be the Most Impactful Release of 2023

The highly-acclaimed novel of Alice Walker, The Color Purple, is getting a 21st-century cinematic glow-up, and here is everything that’s come to light about the upcoming film. 

The Color Purple – The Quintessential Tale 

Georgia was the first Southeastern state that allowed people of color to step foot in America, but that didn’t mean that their lives were a smooth sail. The Color Purple focuses on the lives of 3 women and how they rise from the ashes of oppression. Oprah Winfrey stepped in as a co-producer for this feature and she was exactly what the film needed to come to a full circle. Oprah, who played Sofia, in the 1985 film adaptation of Walker’s novel, wanted to bring the original words and musical to life and it’s safe to say that she nailed it. 

The Color Purple

The Color Purple is sure to reel in all of the feels. It stars stellar actresses including Fantasia Barrino, Taraji P. Henson, Danielle Brooks, Halle Bailey, H.E.R and Ciara. Supporting actors who have played their part in the film are Coleman Domingo, Corey Hawkins, Aunjanue Ellis, Jon Batiste, Deon Cole, and more. 

The story is about Celie, who has dealt with some tough cards, from the start. From being assaulted and forcefully impregnated by her father, to jumping into a loveless and abusive arranged marriage, Celie still has the fire in her to break free from the clutches of hardships. The story unravels beautifully as she meets unexpected female allies, who teach each other how to be confident and live, not survive, in the world. 

Alongside the heartbreaking things Celie has to deal with, it also features a subtle theme of lesbianism as Celie and Shug get romantically involved. The Color Purple isn’t primarily a romance movie, but it embodies all of the “taboos” harmoniously and it gives a boost of self-confidence to the pertinent women, living grueling lives in the 1900s.

A Stunning Trailer

The official trailer of The Color Purple was released on 23rd May 2023 and it gives a teasing glimpse of how the film will look it’s safe to say that people are restlessly excited. 

The film is set to be released on Christmas and even though it’s almost here, the premiere seems so far away. 

A Musical Twist 

What’s interesting about this film adaptation is that it’s a beautiful and melodious combo of film and musical. Oprah wanted to capture the essence of the 2005 musical, so that led to the brilliant idea of incorporating heart-tugging scores in the awaited feature. 

The Best Director Ever

The Color Purple is directed by Ghanaian filmmaker, Blitz Bazawule, who Oprah has crowned as the perfect guy for directing this masterpiece. Bazawule’s vision and storytelling are certainly going to shine throughout the entirety of the movie. 

Even though this movie hasn’t been released yet, it’s packed full of impact about the struggles of Black women living in the very hierarchical and unwelcoming 1900s. The film also accentuates the sensitive themes of the Jim Crow era. Celie’s character seems to be curated with utmost perfection this time, for what seems from afar is the character’s delicately woven psychological state. The audience will witness the waging war between her reality and imagination. There’s also a musical aspect to it that fills up the void of raw sentiments and replaces them with emotive melody and symmetry. Let’s see what Christmas brings.

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