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The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes (2023).

5 Hunger Games Prequel Ideas We Want to See Next

The Hunger Games trilogy felt like the perfect end to a beautiful storyworld. A sequel would only mean trouble for our favorite characters. But fortunately, the world of Panem has more tales to tell than just what lies ahead. As The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes has proved, there are plenty of prequel stories that can be told. If author Suzanne Collins is ready to write more, we’re ready to read (and watch them.) So, here are the 5 Hunger Games prequel ideas we would want to see next.

Potential Hunger Games Prequels That Would Have Us Lining Up To See

The Dark Days of The First Rebellion

Snow and Lucy, The Hunger Games Prequel

Image via Lionsgate.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes references the earlier days of the rebellions when all thirteen districts challenged the Capitol. There were no resources, including food, and Panem was in disarray. The Capitol won, leading to the famous Hunger Games, and pushed District 13 into hiding for over 75 years. We know how it all ends, but we want to know where it started.

Telling the story of the original rebellion and war between the Capitol and the Districts would help cement just how much history Panem has lived through. We would see the Capitol abusing its powers and the Districts being pushed aside in punishment. It would no doubt be a tragic tale, but we’re hungry for it.

The First Hunger Games

5 hunger games prequel ideas

We would also get to see more Peter Dinklage! Image via Lionsgate

We have only seen three Hunger Games play out. We know the gist of some of the biggest games, but wouldn’t it be neat to see the first-ever edition of the tournament? The 10th annual Hunger Games played out in Songbirds and Snakes, and it was clear how much the Capitol needed to learn about, well, everything. From the camera placements to the sponsored items, they really weren’t that great at anything – other than pitting children against each other.

Showcasing the first annual Hunger Games would not only give some great insight into the early stages following the first rebellion but also tell us how the world reacted to such a brutal game. We would get a whole host of new characters, imaginative games, and some of the earliest trial and error for the Capitol.

The First Quarter Quell

The Huger Games

Image via Lionsgate.

The Quarter Quells occurred every 25 years in Panem. These special occasions would lead to a unique version of the game. In the first Quarter Quell, gamemakers forced citizens of each district to vote on who would become a tribute in the games. According to the Capitol, this meant that each district would feel the weight of its role in the rebellions. It also led to some interesting strategies, as tributes could be voted in based on their odds of winning or just to get rid of them.

Given how spectacularly the Capitol treated each quarter quell, this is one that we think would translate well on paper and on the big screen.

Finnick Odair’s Story

Finnick, The Hunger Games

Image via Lionsgate.

Readers and movie-watchers alike share a common love of Finnick Odair. The victor is one of the most charismatic players in the history of the games. He won less than 10 years before Katniss and Peeta and was the youngest victor ever. He used his strength, paired with great charm, to earn the most expensive item sponsored for a tribute – his infamous trident. These great relationships led to a decade of being trafficked by President Snow, quickly changing his view of the Capitol.

A story following Finnick’s life would share his relationship with mentor and fellow champion Mags Flanagan (who we saw in Catching Fire.) We would also see the eventual love story with another fellow champion, Annie Cresta. It would be hard to watch, especially knowing what fates lie ahead of them in Mockingjay, but we can’t resist the idea of seeing the character again.

The Second Quarter Quell, a.k.a. Haymitch’s Games

Perhaps the most desired prequel story is the one about Haymitch Abernathy’s games. The beloved character from the original trilogy is a grouchy, hot-headed, and ultimately lovable character and the trauma of the games has impacted him as much as anybody. We know that he won the games during the second Quarter Quell, the 50th annual Hunger Games, where gamemakers put twice as many tributes into their arena.

Not only does Haymitch have to watch the death of twice as many children, but he also finds a way to win the games using brains over brawn. The winning tribute used the arena’s forcefield to his advantage, surprising viewers and gamemakers. This didn’t go unpunished, and the Capitol’s response is one of the saddest outcomes imaginable.

It’s hard to imagine anybody playing Haymitch other than Woody Harrelson, but it’s definitely the story we’ll be hoping to see on the big screen someday.

Haymitch, The Hunger Games

Image via Lionsgate.

Will There Ever Be Another Hunger Games Prequel?

There are more than seventy-five years of stories that exist within the world of Panem. The world-building thus far has been incredible to witness, and we’re personally prepared to read and watch whatever is thrown at us. There are stories to be told that take place within each annual Hunger Games, sure. But there are also characters that we know and love (or hate) who could use prequels, too. Cinna, Effie, Tigris, Cressida… The list goes on. But would Suzanne Collins give us more?

Director Francis Lawrence has shared that there are no concrete plans. However, if Collins did have more ideas, he would be more than up for the challenge of coming back. Lionsgate appears to have waited for Collins to have more content, so we’d be surprised if the studio ever branched off without her involvement.

But what about from the mouth of Collins herself? The author has mostly remained out of the spotlight since her franchise took the world by storm, and rarely speaks with the press. However, in a 2020 interview with Scholastic, she shared the following:

“When I find a related topic that I want to examine, then I look for the place it best fits.”

So, it seems that it all comes down to Collins thinking about new topics to explore in her storyworld.

What Hunger Games Prequel Ideas Do You Want To See?

Let us know what Hunger Games prequel ideas you want to read or watch someday. We’ll just be over here, crossing our fingers for new content!

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