80s Films That Could Use A Modern Remake

Considering that the 80s seem to be in style again recently, it’s no surprise that so many movies have been dug up from that era and given a fresh coat of paint. Without naming names, it has definitely been a hit-and-miss process, and we’ve seen generally more flops than successes.

Nevertheless, there are plenty more classic films out there with a cool premise and plenty of modern actors who would be great taking up the roles. Here are our picks for those films that absolutely deserve to be dusted off for the 21st Century.


This may seem like an odd starting choice, but with the increasing number of fan-favourite screen actors now hobbling past retirement, it could be a great project for some older actors to have some fun with. The list of names you could use is incredible; imagine Joe Pesci, Christopher Lloyd and Danny DeVito capering about as retirement home residents.

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The film wouldn’t even take a lot of resources to make, considering the majority of the film could take place around a couple of buildings. It would just take a little updating to match the times; that classic bingo scene for instance could easily be replaced by the group playing online bingo on smartphones, or even just have them breaking out some VR headsets. 


This one is a little bit of a cheat as technically, a remake of Highlander featuring Henry Cavill is already in the works. The problem is, it has been in the works for over a decade now and series fans are getting a bit fed up with being told that the movie is coming soon every single year. This is increasingly baffling as the time feels perfect for the whole concept to get another rollout.

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Putting aside the big 80s appeal right now, the current superhero-saturated market is begging for some superpowered people with a decidedly less heroic streak in them. With some modern effects and all the modern world trappings, a remake or even a continuation of the series that ignores some awful original sequels would get a massive reception for sure.

Flash Gordon

Hear us out on this one. Flash Gordon is, without a doubt, one of the cheesiest films ever shown in a cinema but it has also survived as a cult classic. We’re not suggesting that a straight remake would work, mind you; there’s no way to get that level of kitsch onto screens anymore. However, a tongue-in-cheek follow-up could do wonders.

It’s a film that’s still widely lauded by both the actors themselves, other big-name actors and hordes of film studies students. A film that works as a celebration of it, while maybe poking fun at some of the more ridiculous aspects, would likely go down well with those retro hounds.

Before anyone asks though, we didn’t bring it up just because we know Brian Blessed would come back for it and we’re desperate to hear that voice at the cinema once again.

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