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Football is a game of stories and narratives. Each day a new one develops and adds nuance to a season which is already full of ups and downs for players and teams trying to reach their goals, much like movies. Fictional stories regardless of genre has a storyline and a set of characters trying to achieve a one goal or the other. 

The nature of the sport makes it easy for filmmakers to be interested in creating stories about the sport and over the years some compelling stories about football. It is not just about what happens on the pitch. Some of these great movies have touched on the effect of the sport on the community, the player’s personal lives and relationships, gambling and even crimes with football being a backdrop to these events. 

Whether or not you are looking for tips and tricks when it comes to online sports betting, what you will find is entertainment and we will provide some great examples of movies you would love to watch if you’re new to football related movies. 

Bend it like Beckham 

With a $76.6 million return at the box office that sees this movie rank as the highest-grossing football film of all time, Bend it like Beckham is a fantastic movie. 

Jess Bhamra played by Parminder Nagra is an 18-year-old girl who is not allowed to play organized football by her strict Indian parents. One day her skills were noticed by Jules Paxton played by Keira Knightley, who was able to convince Jess to play for her semi-pro team. Jess would have to keep the fact that she plays a secret from her parents by telling all sorts of lies. She also develops romantic feelings for her coach named Joe and tries to navigate those feelings and keep them in check.

Shaolin Soccer 

A ridiculously good movie about a former Shaolin monk who forms a team with five other friends who are Shaolin monks just like him in order win a grand prize if one million dollars by applying their Shaolin Kung Fu skills to footballThe visual effects, pace, and comedic aspects of this football film is very different from the other movies on this list. It is a must watch. 

Goal! The trilogy 

Arguably the most famous football movie of all time, Goal! tells the story of Mexican immigrant Santiago Nunez’s life. It follows the journey of a young man who works as a gardener with dreams of becoming a football star. It is a movie that features real players like Zinedine Zidane and Steven Gerrard as well as real stadiums and football clubs. This trilogy is a spectacle from start to finish.

Green Street hooligans

Green Street Hooligans is a movie that takes a deep dive into the culture of hooliganism in the United Kingdom’s football scene. 

Matt Buckner, a journalism student from America living with his family in London, meets a football hooligan named Pete Dunham who introduces him to the violent world of football hooliganism where supporters of opposing teams battle each other before and after games.

Football is just a backdrop for this compelling crime story that explores the dark side of the sport. 

Fever Pitch 

Fever Pitch tells a fictionalized story about how Arsenal’s First Division championship-winning season in 1988–89 had an effect on Paul Ashworth’s romantic relationship with Sarah Hughes. It was a great movie that portrayed how the sport can affect the lives of the fans and not the players or clubs alone. 


This movie was a documentation of the life of one of the greatest players that ever lived. George best came from humble beginnings and rose through the ranks to become one of Manchester United’s greatest ever players but his outlandish lifestyle off the pitch saw him receive the nick name, the fifth Beetle as a result. 

The movie focuses on his time at Manchester United and his fall from grace before his death in 2005.

The Damned United 

Based on the best-selling book also named The Damned United this movie is a fictional interpretation of football legend player Brian Clough and his tenure as football manager of Leeds United in 1974.

The accuracy of the actual story isn’t all there but the execution of the movie and the way to story was told has given this movie a ton of praise and is regarded as one of the best movies that represents what the English game is all about.

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