The Best Strains For A Chilled Out Movie Night

Nothing surpasses watching an exciting movie after a long day, which popcorn, drink, sweets must accompany, and, of course, cannabis. Finding the proper movie night cannabis strain is essential since you do not want to have a high that interferes with your viewing experience. Balancing the Indica to Sativa ratio is critical to the influence of your viewing experience; having an Indica dominant strain will favor a high that is more “couch-locked,” which is ideal for those B-list Netflix movies that Adam Sandler usually stars in. Sativa dominating strain for Movie Night is suitable for movies that require your total concentration, such as “Inception.” If you are the kind of consumer who wants to stay at home or the adventurous type who likes to go to the movies, these top 3 cannabis strains will suit you to a viewing experience that you can enjoy with comfort.

Sleepy Joe OG strain

Laughter, lightheartedness, and enjoyment are significant themes in comedy films. If you want to laugh off for hours on end, even at the lamest of comedy, there is no better alternative than the Sleepy Joe OG strain. Obama Kush and Nova OG were crossed to generate Sleepy OG Joe. The Sleepy OG Joe strain offers an incredible high that strikes swiftly and lasts for hours. Also, you won’t get much done with these flowers throughout the day, so reserve them for lazy afternoons on the sofa. This strain can contain up to 22% THC. Its couch-locking skills and euphoric bursts make it the perfect strain for the comedy genre.

Moreover, the Sleepy Joe OG plant features a strong central stem and a spate of lateral branches covered in glittering blossoms. Also, the flowers frequently become deep purple or even black. Sleepy Joe OG is an excellent performer indoors and outdoors, and the strain will also pleasure you. Because of their lengthy flowering time (8-9weeks), the Sleepy Joe OG strain may be cultivated utilizing SOG or several other plant training approaches.

Blue Zushi strain

Musicals revolve entirely around singing, dancing, and music in general. Also, they are interesting. When you’re in the mood for a musical, get elevated with the Blue Zushi strain. Blue Zushi is a somewhat Indica-leaning hybrid (60% Indica/40% Sativa) produced by crossing the tasty Zkittlez and Kush Mints strains. Blue Zushi strain is ideal for any Indica enthusiast because of its stunning beauty and well-balanced high. This bud contains small and fluffy spherical forest green nugs with deep blue overtones, vibrant orange hairs, and a thick frosty covering of stunning microscopic blue-tinted white crystal trichomes.

Moreover, the aromas of fragrant flowers and deep earthy pine are released when you tear apart each glittering small nugget, just like wandering through a forest after a downpour. The taste is earthy and peppery, with a mellow herbal tea flavor that lingers on the tongue. The Blue Zushi high comes on slowly, creeping up on you before throwing you into a lifted and invigorated mood. You’ll experience a slight euphoria followed by a tingling buzzy body high, soon transforming your energy level into profound relaxation and calm.

London Pound Cake strain

Adventure films are similar to action films in that they are both exciting and entertaining. They are primarily about exotic destinations and out-of-the-ordinary stories and experiences. Try the London Pound Cake strain if you are looking for a bit of adventure. London Poundcake is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain generated by crossing the tasty Sunset Sherbet with another Indica-dominant hybrid strain. Also, the London Poundcake strain is named for its outrageously fantastic flavor, which includes sweet berry and grape flavors complemented by nutty lemon and citrus. The perfume is earthy and woody, with traces of nutty lemon and sweet berries. The high from London Poundcake is as delicious as the flavor, with tranquil and centering effects that are both relaxing and elevating in nature.

At the start of the high, you’ll experience a mild lift that fills you with a peaceful sensation of concentrated attention, slowly easing away unpleasant or racing thoughts. As your mind rests, a soothing body high will creep up on you, lulling you into a slightly couch-locked condition with no drowsiness or sleepiness. Additionally, this bud contains thick spade-shaped olive green nugs covered with thin orange hairs and icy amber crystal trichomes.

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