How to Protect Your Tech When Streaming Movies at Home

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Is the golden age of cinema dead? Maybe this is a provocative question, but the point still stands that, as The Guardian says that titles are increasingly released straight to streaming services, from Lightyear, which recently dropped straight onto Disney+, all the way to Enola Holmes which bypassed the cinema stage and landed directly on Netflix. But, what are the best ways to protect your technology while streaming at home?

Sure, the mainstream streaming services are safe enough, but there are still plenty of things that can go wrong while trying to watch your favourite films at home, particularly if you’re planning on using a free streaming service. So, how do you protect yourself against the many things that could damage your tech, whether laptop, phone or iPad?

Online Viruses? Install Anti Virus Programmes

Viruses unfortunately are everywhere on the internet, but they are certainly more prominent on unsecured sites, namely unofficial streaming sites along the lines of Putlocker or 123movies. Therefore, the first port of call for protecting you while streaming online is to install antivirus software that will prevent, detect and remove any dangerous malware from harming your computer.

As an extra note, these sites are also exceptionally prone to hackers, which, while different from viruses, may also aim to harm your computer or even take remote control of it. Therefore, it’s important where you enter your details and to be cautious when creating an account.

Broken or Unreliable Tech? Use a Tech Survival Kit

The ideal location to watch a film is cosied up on the sofa, but it’s equally as likely that you’re consuming your media in public, whether in a cafe, on a train or even high in the air on a long-haul flight. But, when your laptop, iPad or phone decides to kick it during the best moment of the film, you’ll thank yourself for carrying a tech survival kit like the one shown by ExpressVPN. Obviously, you can tailor the kit to your own needs, but for every movie lover, it’s definitely vital to carry at least a portable hotspot for when the wi-fi drops out and a spare battery for devices that need them. Whatever you choose, it’s good to be prepared so you can keep on enjoying your favourite films wherever you are.

Source: Pexels

Pop-up Ads? Get an Ad Blocker

Finally, the bane to all movie lovers online watching, at least according to The Irish Times.  Random ads that pop up in the middle of the film! Known for being very annoying, we’ve all seen the pop-ups pretending to be local online dating websites or trying to redirect you to a further website. But did you know that alongside being irritating, these ads can also be dangerous to your computer?

Especially ones on free streaming sites that can include viruses and dangerous malware designed to attack your technology. And to the untrained, it’s hard to tell whether a pop-up has nefarious intentions or not, that’s why it’s a good idea to download some kind of ad blocker just to be sure. 

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