Top gambling movies based on true stories

Casino life and gambling-based movies are always thrilling to watch. The drama, emotion, and storyline are so well-knitted that it keeps the audience hooked till the end. The main reason for it could be because such movies are relatable.

Many like to gamble and try their luck in pursuit of changing their fortune. Casinos are considered the easiest way. Therefore, whenever there is a movie based on casinos or online gambling, people get excited. Perhaps the excitement level increases when the movie is based on a true story.

There are many gambling movies based on real events. The following are some of the best that you can watch and maybe learn a thing or two.


This movie was released in 2008 and is based on a book called Bringing down the house. The book was perceived as a fictional story, but many believed it was untrue and, for legal reasons, it was portrayed like that. 

In this movie, an MIT student joins a group of other students who, with the help of their math professor, learn card counting techniques to deceive the casino. This movie is a complete entertainer with a touch of drama and twists. Even the reviews suggest that the events and characters are an adaptation of real scenarios from the MIT blackjack team. After watching this movie, you may want to try Live Dealer Infinite Blackjack, casino games at FanDuel Casino.


It’s a drama-thriller based on the life of a Vegas Casino head Franky Rosenthal and a gangster, Anthony Spilotro. The movie was released in 1995 and was a hit. Although the movie is fictionalized, the story is close to reality. Franky illegally operated four casinos and got involved in the underworld, along with Anthony. The whole cast performed excellently and was convincing. The movie and star were appreciated through different nominations.


It’s a sports-themed movie based on match-fixing scandals. In the 2000s, Australian rugby was jolted by match-fixing scandals, in which a rugby star, BK, was involved and discarded. The movie is about BK’s struggle with gambling and his revival. The film is an accurate depiction of sports gambling and how it affects sports.

Molly’s Game

It’s probably the best gambling movie based on a true story. Molly’s Game is an adaptation of an autobiography. The movie revolves around the revelations made by Molly Bloom in her book about her high-stakes underground game in hotels. In the movie, many A-list Hollywood celebrities are depicted, but their identities are kept secret. The film is a roller-coaster of drama and is executed wonderfully.  


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