Top 3 Movie Themed Slots Games To Play

Game developers partner with top studios to create amazing games inspired by box office hits. Officially licensed movie-themed slot games with stunning graphics, outstanding sound effects, and eye-catching original footage, as well as special features that make them feel real to enjoyment for the player. Online slots are increasingly transforming positively and bringing many interesting surprises to players. Here is a compilation of some of the best movie-themed slot games.

The Mask slot game

The Mask slot game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. It was born based on the classic chaotic 90s movie starring Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz. The Mask slot game is set in a fictional city at night with fascinating animations.

The symbols used in the game are alphanumeric symbols like the colorful A, K, Q, J, and 10. Besides, there are other symbols such as hats, money bags, and lovely dogs. Because it is inspired by the movie, the slot game The Mask also features characters such as Stanley (played by Jim Carrey), Tina (played by Cameron Diaz), and The Mask.

Besides, the game also has a Wild symbol to substitute for all other symbols, except for the Scatter symbol. In The Mask slot, you will also see clips from the movie as you land the winning combinations. In particular, the wins in the game are formed on both left to right and right to left sides to help increase the winning rate for players.

Jurassic Park slot game

Another hugely movie-themed slot is Jurassic Park. Based on the original dinosaur movie starring Laura Dern and Sam Neill, this action five-reel slot offers you 243 ways to win. It integrates 3D visuals with fast-paced gameplay, dynamic sounds, and scrolling effects. Microgaming’s Jurassic Park slot is sure to provide you with an amazing gaming experience.

The reels host some of the film’s dinosaurs, such as T. rex, as well as the main characters – Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant, John Hammond, and Ian Malcolm. If you’re familiar with a five-reel video slot, you won’t need very detailed instructions about the game. You will do what you always do – try to hit the right combos to win cash. However, coins range from 0.30 to 15, and only 30 coins are allowed per spin. Meanwhile, you can win up to 6,000x with your initial stake.

King Kong slot game

Since the giant gorilla first appeared on the silver screen in 1933, King Kong has filled moviegoers’ hearts with fear and curiosity. But you will be even more surprised than the equally monstrous prizes offered in Playtech’s innovative version of the slot game. The King Kong slot machine appeared based on the 2005 updated film directed by Peter Jackson.

You can join the adventure in two different game modes that depict the two main scenes of the movie: Big city mode and wild jungle mode. You can win the same prize in both modes. However, the bonus levels of the games vary. You have to line up three, four, or five with matching symbols. Line up with the Captain Englehorn symbol and you will win 300 coins, 500 coins for Carl Denham, 600 coins for Jack Driscoll, and 1,000 coins for Ann Darrow.

The development of slot games inspired by movies is a very clever development of the operators, they will attract a lot of players from the popularity of the movies and earn huge profits.

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