Pet Family Movie Night Must-Haves

There are fewer enjoyable and memorable things to do as a family than enjoying a cozy night watching a movie together. One of the sometimes overlooked members of your family when it comes to movie nights is your pets! While you may be well versed in how to improve your family movie night, let’s look at some ways that you can involve your beloved family pets in the movie viewing experience. These tips are excellent no matter if your family dog is a tiny chihuahua or a snoring, bulky English Bulldog.

Set Up Their Space 

Maybe you’re a family that lets your pets on the couch every day, and they sleep in the bed with you or your children every night. Perhaps you’re a “no dogs on the furniture” family. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of letting your animals sit or lay, include a space for them to get in on the movie action. If you don’t want your massive St. Bernard or Newfoundland on the furniture, consider spreading some washable blankets and rugs on the floor and setting up a fun little area for the kids to snuggle up with dogs while watching. If they are allowed on the furniture, add some bean bags on the floor so family members – furry and human alike – have plenty of space. Even just pulling their regular dog bed into the fold is a sign of coming to join you!

Pet Themed Movies 

While there are tear jerks like Marley & Me or Benji you could choose from, try to stick with a pet-themed movie that won’t make you or your kiddos cry as they watch it with your furry family member. The iconic Beethoven, Clifford, Secret Life of Pets, or Lady and the Tramp are solid pet-themed movie choices that everyone will love. Whatever you do, just stay away from Old Yeller! With so many options on multiple streaming platforms, it should be easy for you, your Redbone Coonhound, and the rest of the family to enjoy something light-hearted and family-oriented. 

Snacks For Everyone 

No movie night is complete without several bowls of popcorn, soda, and some of your favorite candies on hand for the household. Make sure you don’t forget Fido when it comes to the evening’s snacks, though! Have some of their favorite yum-yums on hand so they can feel like a member of the pack while you all enjoy the show. You can even let them get in on some human food aside from premade dog treats or a bowl of their usual kibble. Some safe alternatives to dog snacks that humans eat too are veggies like Carrots, Broccoli, Cucumber, and Celery. 

Since these are all common vegetables on an appetizer plate, make one for the family with delicious dips and share with your Schnauzer or Cocker Spaniel. These vegetables are safe for all dog breeds unless your dog has a known allergy. Additionally, it’s important to remember that dogs’ most toxic human foods are dark chocolate, raisins, and Macadamia nuts, so keep those in the pantry during movie night.

Dress On Theme 

While your French Mastiff is already on the theme, if you’re watching Turner and Hooch, the rest of the family can get involved with movie night fun and come dressed in the theme. If you’re watching The Aristocats, maybe everyone can wear kitty ears; if it’s 101 Dalmatians, the kids can paint spots on them, and Mom can dress as Cruella – you get the idea. This is a fun activity for the young and the young at heart, so while it may take some extra planning, it’s worth it to amp up family movie night fun. If you’re doing a movie night on the fly, this isn’t likely, but if you’re a family that has weekly movie nights together, consider making them “come in character” parties moving forward, it’s so fun for everyone.

Spending the night in is not only a budget-friendly choice for family entertainment; it’s also a great way to reconnect, laugh, cry and make memories together. Too often nowadays, we let our schedules and responsibilities get the best of us, and we forget to slow down and enjoy time with our loved ones. Hopefully, this list of pet-family movie night ideas has inspired you to slow down, cuddle your Shih Tzu and watch a movie together. Happy Viewing!

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