LaKeith Stanfield teams with Jeymes Samuel teaming for The Book of Clarence

Lakeith Stanfield

LaKeith Stanfield is set to star in a new movie! That’s not the surprise, what is the surprise is that he’s reteaming with The Harder They Fall director The Bullits for a new movie. Not only that but the new movie WON’T be a western. The news is coming from LaKeith’s Instagram and from Deadline:

I like this concept for LaKeith Stanfield and I am curious for more details. I did not expect Samuels to stray away from the Western genre but this concept could be even better. I wonder what this will look like? Samuels did a great job bringing the old west to life and making things gritty and realistic. I don’t even know what 40 A.D. should look like and the idea of him bringing this time to life on screen is inviting.

That’s all I have for this one.

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