10 Signs a Guy Has Lost Interest in Your Relationship

10 signs

They say ignorance is bliss, but knowing can sometimes be a huge relief. It is better to know what’s happening in your relationship to lessen time-wasting. Little time should be spent in a relationship heading nowhere. But how does a lady know a man has lost interest, or never loved her to begin with? Can she tell for sure how far gone the relationship is, without making dire assumptions? While there is no assured way of knowing what your partner is thinking, aside from asking them, there are signs.

Lost Interest

Lost interest comes about for several reasons. Perhaps one member became bored; maybe they didn’t offer enough in the relationship. When local men seek Slavic women dating, they need ladies with a desire for longevity. It means some men desire a long-term partner, not always seeking flings.

When a relationship is harmonious, such questions need not be asked. However, when Slavic women question the relationship, surefire signs are showing a lack of interest on the part of the male.


He complains a lot. He whines about food, about dressing, about lack of interest on your part, and shows disinterest. If he is constantly complaining when around you, chances are something has created bile where love once was. This can be fixed only if the lady knows where she went wrong.


Does he spend time with you? Has he changed from wanting you next to him to needing extra time alone? If his desire seems to be alone time more than quality time, he’s lost interest. This is the clearest sign a guy is no longer interested.

Lack of Communication

When a guy loves a woman, he is constantly in communication with her. This lack of communication begins with less flirty texts, no phone calls thereafter to total silence even when together. It can lead to depression in some cases.


Aside from complaining, he might pick fights constantly. These bursts of anger can happen anywhere. Sometimes, the bedroom seems to be where it all starts, but with time dinners with family or restaurants become a problem.

No Sweet Vibes

There are no moments of public displays of affection and instead, it now seems like a friend zone. Gone are the days of receiving sweet candy, flowers, and random dinner dates. It could be that his schedule has become tight. However, if he never shows affection, it’s time to take a leave of absence.

Mentioning Exes

This is the worst form of a man losing interest, and love, in a relationship. When he talks about exes in a good way and compares you to them, run and never look back. It never ends well if one partner is constantly compared to previous partners.

Fights End Badly

If you fight and he brings up mistakes from the past, he is seeking an exit. There are easier ways to exit a relationship. Men find it emotionally draining to explain why they aren’t satisfied. Fighting seems easier.

No Sex

Lacking communication is one thing, and less sweetness in a relationship is another. However, if he is disinterested in sex, you don’t need a therapist to know what’s happening. We can assure you he’s lost interest in sex doesn’t cross his mind – at least not with you.

Never Says He Loves You

At the beginning of the relationship, he seemed eager to mention how much love he had for you. The words ‘I love you” were at the tip of his tongue. Nowadays, he can barely say he likes you. Chances are he is waiting for you to call it quits.


He seems bored, perhaps even sad when he is around you, yet he cannot stop being bubbly around pals. This is a sign you bore him, or at least the relationship does. Asking him what’s irritating him only irks him.

Relationships are hard to sustain, especially if Slavic women are your thing. However, being able to read these signs saves you lots of heartbreak moving forward. 


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