People’s Opinion On Netflix’s “The Society”

Netflix original one of the most hyped limited edition series is The Society. It is regarded as the most hyped limited web series in the history of Netflix after Chernobyl. It has an overall rating of 8 out of 10 and has critically acclaimed many viewer’s choice awards under many categories. The main plot being around many teenagers in danger is one of the hot topics in the market. According to a survey, 44% of viewers nowadays like teenage dramas rather than the other genres. The series has attracted more people like the casinos of LA. 

The Plot

The series is a complete pack of thrill and ominous things in a particular area revolving around a class of teenagers who are out on an excursion by their high school. The story stands as busloads of high school students go out for a camping trip outside the hill station, but a heavy storm forces them to return home on that very night of the journey. But they find the entire town out of people, their parents and all other living things are just gone except them. They have finally found peace and freedom from their daily life, which gets very joyous initially, but they face a lot of trouble. 

The incidents pile up after the death of Cassandra, the protagonist, because of revenge and anger from her classmates. Her sister Lexie, leader of the lot, amends laws and order in the group, which are very hard for many to coordinate because of their ego. So they call emergency meetings to act accordingly. Further, we see the death of the other two students on their way to the hills, searching for answers and seeking help, which turns out to be a disaster. 

Review of the Series  

Honestly, after many reviews from the viewers, the most common one was the series being too dark and packed with thrill and dark kinds of stuff over time and time for teenagers. The shows depict that immense freedom at the hands of some immature teenagers can lead to death and devastation.

The show has a huge plot twist at every point, starting with the death of Cassandra, which was later revealed as a political act for her sister to gain the upper hand. Her sister Lexie wants to be the boss around and believes she has more power to control and bring order back to the lot.

When the students were trying to bring a solution to the problem of a lost cell phone tower in the locality, power went down, and the main person behind it died mystically, which was a bit off the rail. 

The series has a lot to prove in the next season as they have only released a single season and opened a lot of mysteries. They have a lot to answer in the second season as the fans are grievously waiting for answers for a long time. According to sources, the filming of the second season was firstly canceled as it was reported too dark for viewers. 

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