What’s “Most Popular” On Netflix Right Now and Should You Be Watching It?

Online subscription to various platforms for entertainment purposes is on the high. Where people are constantly exploring websites that offer entertaining content by using paypal for only fans, we just can’t leave Netflix behind in this regard. 

Keeping up with the tradition, Netflix has religiously maintained its “Most Popular” section to make it a bit easier for the viewers to decide what they want to watch next. So, whether you are into psychological thrillers, countryside romance, or a Sci-fi that blows your mind away, it’s easy to bet that you will find something of interest here. 

The category is updated everyday depending on viewer’s choices. However, some users have pointed out that Netflix’s recommendations are hardly ever worth the watch. Do you agree? Here are some of the “Top” choices that the website put up recently. Let’s see how many you have already seen and if your reviews agree with others or not! 

The Tinder Swindler (True Crime Documentary)

Oh, the talk of the town! What’s good? Almost everything! From the storyline to how it has been visualized, this one really is worth being the most popular choice on Netflix. 

The story revolves around a handsome playboy infested with the idea of finding love online. Or is he? As it turns out, the pretty face has not-so-pretty intentions of getting with rich women only to strip them off their wealth. The plot is complicated as the lead match, Ciclie, discovers he has targeted other women too. 

Despicable Me 2 (Animated Comedy)

For those who want to spend their weekend nights with a good laugh and light comedy, Despicable Me 2 has brought back the same energy that Despicable Me 1 had previously hit our TV screens with. 

Gru comes back as super-dad who is still trying to fight the urge of being superbad. He learns to balance the responsibilities of tracking a criminal supermind and being the best version of a father. With its fair share of emotional content and hilarious punchlines, this animated comedy is definitely worth your time! 

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Action Sci-Fi) 

I had never been a huge fan of this series myself and, as disappointing as it may sound, this part was not able to score many viewers eithers. Unfortunately, the movie follows a typical plot where the Earth is threatened by foreign invaders and transformers have to fight back with the help of Autobots and Sam Witwicku. I think we can all agree that the stories about the Earth being protected against impending doom are getting kind of cliche now. 

Through My Window (Drama and Romance)

Another category that Netflix has tapped in its “Most Popular” section is obviously that of Romance. Through My Window may not seem like it is bringing anything new to the screen but it isn’t a completely lost cause either. 

Presenting the good-old story about “neighbor love”, the movie follows a young girl trying to not lose herself as she finally sees a chance of being with her crush, a mysterious boy in the neighborhood that she has not exchanged a single word with ever. 

The Dark Knight (Superhero)

Well, no introduction needed here, right? This Batman sequel is as impressive as the previous ones and more. With Gotham into anarchy once again, Batman sets out to destroy organized crime and finds himself against the criminal mastermind, Joker. 

Sounds new? Ah, no. But, don’t be disappointed! It is a guarantee that the movie sees no dull moments and you won’t feel like sitting through a deja vu as you watch it!

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