Wake (2021) – Short Film Review

Wake (2021) Wake is a short, fictional drama detailing a man’s experience of the aftermath of losing his wife and soon-to-be daughter.

The Good

Wake (2021) gives us some really great cinematography and use of camera angles in this film. I was immediately immersed in the film thanks to the tender use of music, lighting, filters and more. I feel a sense of calm while watching Wake that carries from the beginning of the film to the end. The camera angles are also used to communicate what is happening in the film rather than dialogue like when our main character walks up the stairs as a sign of ascending/passing.

The soundtrack was also really well thought out. There are moments where they tease silence and add background noise like the oceans crashing on the beach. Overall, this is a really calming film that uses sight and sound really well.

The Bad

We get the sense of grief from our main character immediately but I wouldn’t know what he was grieving if not for the description. This may not be the point but I struggle with relating and empathizing with the main character without knowing why.


This is a fantastic short film that illustrates that succeeds in delivering it’s message. We need to pay attention to those around us and try to see when they’re hurting and if we can help.

This film is directly in support of mental health. For more information and continuing support, please contact your local support lines. In Canada, contact letstalk.bell.ca/en/get-help

Featured Photo by Kirk Lisaj @largecrewneck

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