We will learn how to make Passive income with Gala nodes?

Cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing sector that will continue to grow in the future. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that may be used to buy online. However, before we get into today’s topic, I believe it is important to give you a little introduction to crypto.

Encrypted digital currency built on the blockchain. Government and other central authorities have no way to supervise a decentralized industry. Cryptocurrency exchanges allow users to trade Bitcoin. Some people consider cryptocurrency as an investment or a source of passive income.

Globally, the market is developing, attracting huge corporations and personalities like Elon Musk. People invested after seeing it grow in popularity, which is likely to continue.

Now, after so many years, Bitcoin Inequality has made its way towards the world’s most trusted online investment platforms.

What do Gala Games Nodes do?

To run the games and maintain the network’s security, dependability, and affordability, Gala Games uses a decentralized network of computer power.

Gala Games Node operators must put in minimum effort to function for participants. The next node owner follows suit, but in the other direction. Isn’t it too technical?

Additionally, it is planned that GALA nodes would also be responsible for maintaining the blockchain’s code base and developing new features. Everyone who has used Bitcoin is familiar with blockchain technology. A blockchain is a public database where transactions are recorded in blocks. It is impossible to alter a block after it has been made. It can’t be undone.

There are some pros and drawbacks associated with the node so let’s talk about it: 

Benefits of Gala nodes

  • High long-term value: Most individuals are interested in the possible high return on investment and the opportunity to continue operating their node and generating GALA even after the original investment has been returned.
  • It’s easy to set up: The Founders node is surprisingly simple to set up for something so advanced and cutting-edge. A few baby steps are all it takes. 
  • Nodes are still relatively cheap: Getting a low-cost node license is doable. The total number of nodes is 50,000, and the price increases by 100 nodes for each additional purchase. If I’m correct, each of the remaining 100 nodes will cost $33,000. It’s time to go to work, people!
  • You can sell your license at a later date: If you want to sell your license in the upcoming days, it will be easy to do so.
  • Gain voting right for the ecosystem: The Gala Games ecosystem is unusual in that the players and operators themselves control it. Node operators are entitled to vote on the future direction of their firm.
  • Get in early: In 2014 and 2016, I looked at Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as several other well-known firms, but I never decided to invest. As a member of the Gala Games, you join an ecosystem that has the power to alter the course of human history. Because the promise is not always met, it is crucial to be involved early. Assuming I had spent $100 in BTC in 2014, I could have acquired even more Gala nodes.

How can you earn passive income with Gala Nodes?

The game’s original nodes are known as Founders’ Nodes. They pop. They may always acquire NFTs from all Gala Games and daily GALA incentives.

Buying a Gala Games node is a terrific way to generate money while supporting an innovative platform that might alter the gaming industry. Paying off debt is a long-term investment. Consider whether this is a good investment. But the benefits might be substantial. 50,000 Gala node licenses… No way. Each sold node adds $100. Prices will rise to $33,000 owing to restricted availability.

Buying a node gets you one daily pool point. These daily prizes are simple. Time your node to run (6 hours every day). In addition to the Gala daily awards, your node will get random NFT game asset drops.

Its price jumps by $100 every two to three days, indicating high demand. They receive 8.5 million Gala per day. As stated before, one node gives a fraction. Each of the 9,000 active nodes received a 945 Gala.

A year’s worth of Gala at the current Founders’ Node pricing will net you a profit. But as more people play these games, the demand for game assets grows. I’ve heard that $1.00 per Gala in a year is possible, but I doubt it.


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