3D Animation Production Learn The Steps

If you are interested in buying new household appliances, you certainly want to purchase the best option in terms of price and parameters, the seller will certainly recommend purchasing 3D. When going to the cinema to watch an animated film with children, the experience will be stronger if you watch the 3D version.

Today, such technologies have already penetrated into print, advertising, computer games, home construction, biotechnology, car manufacturing, and many industrial sectors.

If you want to use such opportunities when publishing videos on your website or business presentations in general, you must first learn what 3D animations are. We will talk a little about what they are, how they are created. This will help you choose a company that will qualitatively perform images in this format from scratch, if you definitely want to include this in your business. In any case, today 3d animation production for their businesses is a must for success.

Features of creating 3D animations

First, you need to figure out what the basic definition of 3D animation is. The simplest form of releasing an image is to give it the ability to move in a digital environment. Before handing over the work to the customer, each model is carefully worked out, which allows it to be made as if it were alive.

Like traditional animation, the main goal of creating such videos is to make the images that appear on the monitor look very much like they are alive. But in reality, this is only a series of images that appear in a certain sequence very quickly.

The same principle is used to create 2D or stop animation. A distinctive feature between these two formats is that 2D are drawn manually, and 3D – using special computer programs. At the moment, there are several stages of creating 3D animation:


This is the first stage in creating this type of animation; in the process, objects are made inside the scene.

Layout and animation

When composing and animating 3D objects, they are done in such a way as to give the impression that they are actually moving on the screen. Each object and characters are animated with the help of specialists.


In the same way as video creation, rendering is what completes the process. It shows what the result will be. Depending on the profile of the specialists who will be involved in the work, to create animation, artists will use different programs to complete the assigned tasks.

If there are those who are still studying this subject, software is provided that allows you to perform work in 3D. At the moment, large film studios have already switched to using the most modern technologies that allow you to get a unique result, the animation is even more stunning.

Comparing 2D and 3D, the second option is more expensive and requires more labor. Considered as additional depth for development, artists are required to put in several times more effort than doing 2D work. The best way to compare them is to see a 2D painting and a 3D sculpture. Pictures allow you to see them in full, the sculpture can be touched, the depth of the work is felt better.

In addition to several main stages of the process, there are some separate ones that a team of specialists must go through, these include:

  • storyboarding, rethinking;
  • execution of models;
  • rigging, animation and texturing;
  • setting up cameras and working with light;
  • rendering;
  • application of special effects;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • the final result.

We can do 3D animation!

One of the services provided by the company is 3D animation. For many years, specialists with the necessary knowledge and experience have been engaged in this activity. We are constantly deepening our skills, thanks to which we have become real experts in the field. The following services are provided in the field of 3D:

  • architectural visualizations;
  • animation, including characters;
  • graphics;
  • visualization of products;
  • execution of splash screens for sites.

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