Four movies you must watch in your 20s

The twenties are the most exciting, maddening, and certainly the most confusing phase of your life. You are either in your college or just out of college struggling to begin with your career. The former group comprises students who are racing to compare student loans for college, juggling from one assignment to the other, and ultimately having to maintain a good GPA throughout each semester. In contrast, the latter comprises adults struggling with their finances and adapting to the new responsibilities of adult life. Well, you know what? One thing common between both the groups is – Struggle is Real. Amidst all these chaotic, monotonous, and busy lives, there is one refuge that can be found in the movies. There are so many movies that teach you the better crux of life and help you manage your life and money better. Here, in this article, we will enlist a few such movies. Let us get started and address a few of these movies one by one. 

The Graduate

The problem with adult life is that it is highly confusing. There are days when you are struggling with your finance homework and go like, ‘I wish someone could do my finance homework while I could go out with and party with my friend,’ or job-seeking adults might be running from one interview to another, but to no avail. Well, you know what? If you think your life is hard, you should watch The Graduate. The movie was released in 1967, and there’s not one soul who will not enjoy this movie. It revolves around the post-collegiate life of an aimless guy. Trust us, when we say this, if you find your life confusing, you will start appreciating it more after this movie. Why? At least you are not disillusioned and a recent jobless graduate who is divided between two women who are both related by blood – no, not sisters – Mother and Daughter. You are certainly in for a treat with this one. 

Where can you watch it? – Amazon and Netflix.

Lost in Translation

If you need a fun roller-coaster movie, then Lost in Translation can be the perfect pick. It is a story of an aging actor who becomes friends with a beautiful young college graduate, essayed by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, respectively. The former is shooting for a TV ad for Suntory whisky in Japan, where Johansson is already present. The two become friends, explore Tokyo together and end up confiding in each other. They share their personal problems, something that a lot of you might find relatable. In this movie, Sofia Coppola, the screenwriter, draws a juxtaposition between quarter-life crisis and midlife crisis to determine the themes of friendship and purpose in the movie. The movie was lauded with one Academy Award and two BAFTAs. So, outsource that lengthy balance sheet and P&L homework from an online finance homework help provider, and make time for this movie. You can also seek help from platforms like TrumpLearning, where you can find the right experts to guide you with the subject. We assure you, you will not regret this brilliant watch. 

Where can you watch it? – Hulu and YouTube.

Tiny Furniture

Of course, it isn’t always ideal, but several 20-something young adults find themselves moving back home after finishing college. Well, if you are one of them, Tiny Furniture is the movie for you.

The movie is directed, written, and enacted by Lena Dunham. It is a beautiful movie about a young girl who moves back in with her folks in Tribeca after finishing her degree. Sadly, she is directionless and confused, just like most of the recently graduated college students. The movie beautifully captures the feeling that post-graduates feel when they move back in with their family – the frustration, anxiety, and all the emotions of living with your folks after the eventful college life. It emotes how it feels for the once independent and free adult to deal with their sibling again and live that same old life. Want to watch this movie desperately but struggling with tons of assignments? Well, you can look for assignment help on platforms like EduWorldUSA and outsource your assignment from a professional. 

Where can you watch it? – Apple TV and Amazon Prime. 

500 days of Summer

The 20s are not solely about the struggle of adult life. They are also about the new love and romance. So, if you, too, have had a few failed relationships or if you find yourself always compromising to avoid hurting someone who’s not suited for you, then this movie can do the trick for you. I watched this movie for the very first time when I was 21, and it touched me in so many ways. It is also one of the very few movies that showed me what it looks like to be in a relationship with someone who is not exactly suited for you. After all, don’t we all go through series of failed relationships before we finally meet our soulmate? Honestly, when you just start dating, you are only trying to fit into the peer pressure. Solely because all your friends are getting hooked or coupling, you, too, feel the need to be with someone. As a matter of fact, this leaves us with the constant anxiety and fear of being alone, so much so that, at times, you compromise a lot of your identity to fit in with someone, while other times, you demand a compromise from someone to fit in with you. In either case, you do a lot of damage to both you and your partner. To understand this further, you should watch the beautiful story of Joseph GordonLevitt and Zooey Deschanel. It is relatable, fun, and very engaging. 

Where can you watch it? – Tubi, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies

So, these are the four brilliant movies that all you young adults must watch. These movies are sure going to leave an impact on you. If you have more such movie suggestions, you can let us know in the comment box below. All of us love a little entertainment, and some extra motivation never hurts. If you have any questions, you can drop them, too, in the comments below. 

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