Studying the Connection Between Slots and Movies

Online casino gaming, especially gaming on online slots, has grown increasingly popular as time as gone on. The general convenience and ease of access has made it somewhat irresistible. The transformation from gambling into more a leisure activity has also helped them to appeal. Below is a look at some of the other reasons for the popularity of slots, at the connection between movies and slots, and also at some of the best slot machine games based on movies.

What makes slots so popular?

There are several different reasons for online slots being so popular:

  • They’re easy to play.
  • They provide a simple form of entertainment.
  • It’s possible to play them at any time and do so anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • Players can enjoy bonus for signing up with an operator.
  • Operators run lots of different offers and promotions for players.
  • Quick pay-outs.

But perhaps the main reason for their popularity is the variety of themes available. Online slot operators provide their games in an extremely competitive market. They know that players can get bored of playing the same slot over and over again, in which case they could then switch to another operator who has a wider selection. This encourages them to offer a range of slots, each with a different theme, to capture and hold the interest of visitors to their website.

To attract players to their site, slot providers need to offer a range of themed slot games suitable for everyone.

Slots and inspiration

Do you have a certain passion or interest? It could be history. It could be a particular sport. It could be rock music. You name it; there’s a chance that somewhere out there in cyberspace someone has made it a theme for a slot. 

Online slot game designers are highly creative and draw their inspiration from a seemingly infinite range of industries and events. There’s almost nothing that isn’t a potential theme for a slot.

Slots and movies

One industry that has become a major source of inspiration is the film industry. Just as films have led to lots of different forms of merchandise, they’ve inspired the creation of some slots. Now, fans of movies can feel as if they’re part of the adventures they’re seeing on the big screen. In fact, it can even be the other way round and slots fans might develop an affinity or a curiosity for certain movies after hearing the music or witnessing the graphics while playing the slot. Stranger things have happened!

And what tremendous slots movies have inspired. Here are a couple to check out:  

Mad Max Fury Road

In the third instalment, ‘Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome’, Tina Turner may have sung on the soundtrack that they didn’t need another hero, but Hollywood still felt compelled to create the fourth instalment, this time with Tom Hardy as the hero and the world’s most famous road warrior.

The slot version sees you attached to the front of a fortified vehicle and making your way through the desert. The main characters in the movie are the higher value symbols in this five reeler. Like lots of other slots, there’s a chance of free spins, there are wilds and scatter symbols. You might also be able to muscle in on the progressive jackpot. 


‘Gladiator’, starring Russell Crowe as General Maximus Decimus Meridius, got off to a slow start at the box office but, eventually, triumphed and became an Oscar-winning smash. It also helped to make Russel Crowe a household name, with his commanding performance as the embittered general betrayed by an empire and forced to fight in gladiatorial events. 

One of the superb things about this slot is that rather than go for animated graphics, the slot uses images from the movie. There are 25 pay lines and General Maximus’s arch enemy in the film, the Emperor Commodus, will give you the best pay out of 5 000 times your line bet if you land five of a kind. If you get two on a line, you still win eight times your line bet.

The volatility is quite high and there are no wilds on this slot. There are, however, scatter symbols and a decent bonus.

But why do slot designers actually choose movies?

Besides movies creating potential for truly outstanding themes, there are several different reasons why slot designers and makers will turn to movies for inspiration:

Storylines ready to go

Movies provide the slot makers with a ready-made storyline they can incorporate into the slot. The slots will also already have an established fan base when they come out. 

Not only the above, but the familiarity of the players with the characters in the game enables them to relate to the game more, making it more enjoyable for them. The incorporation of images and music from the movie into the game adds to this.

Many slot providers opt to use film themes due to a storyline already being created.

Tapping into trends to produce exciting games

Designers like to keep their finger on the pulse of pop culture. By creating a movie-themed slot, the designers are tapping into the spirit of the times to produce exhilarating, engaging games in a world that moves quickly.

Hollywood gives us some fantastic movies. As a result, we also see some amazing slots based on them. Designers are always on the watch for trends or movies that could inspire the next slot. Just as they’re keeping their eyes open for them, movie fans who enjoy a spin of the reels will also be waiting patiently for a new slot to arrive based on the film. Everyone wins!

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