“I Care a Lot” (2020)……just not about People


Rosamund Pike is thoroughly despicable as the conniving “caretaker” Marla Grayson in “I Care a Lot”.  Billed as a comedy crime thriller, it’s almost entirely the latter two genres.  Unless you’re the kind that considers elderly abuse, corrupt healthcare and murder funnier than a rubber crutch.

The Good

Rosamund Pike

Pike is perfect in this role, all the while knowing that nobody watching her performance is rooting for her cynical success.

The Bad

Writer/Director J Blakeson seems to be dispatching the message that only lesbian women are tough enough to win in a male-dominated world.

If this be the case, I call total bullshit, J.

This Courtroom is Out of Order……WAAAAAY the hell out!

Grayson is unabashedly unfeeling, a soulless sycophant who will stop at nothing to gouge all she can from the unsuspecting seniors whose lives the court unconscionably awards her to administrate anyway she sees fit.

This can’t be heading anyplace good……or can it?

As one may expect to find in “I Care a Lot”, there is little in life as thick as thieves, and evil begets evil.  But we can never be quite sure if the ultimate comeuppance is coming or not for these callous crooks.  And I certainly am not one who cares to spill the beans.  Nor the blood, as the case may be.


In my experience, the women I care a lot about are tough as nails.  And, more often than not, they reveal such while wielding a velvet hammer.

Just don’t fuck with ’em, buddy.

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"I Care a Lot" (2020)......just not about People
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