4 Best Romantic Comedies of the 21st Century

Love, love, and love again — this is what our life is impossible without. This feeling has different faces: love for oneself, for another person, for a life partner, for parents, animals, the Motherland, and for a favorite business or hobby of the whole life. This time, we limited ourselves to a list of the best romantic comedies of the 21st century, where the most sublime and beautiful feeling (almost) always wins.

The characters in these films are very different, but they all have one thing in common: they desperately need love, sometimes without realizing it. The most stubborn ones, in the end, find their soulmate, but all this is accompanied by such vicissitudes, which you can laugh enough at. Sit back and enjoy great movies with your Russian women for marriage from https://brides4love.com/russian-brides!

1. Den skaldede frisør, 2012

The main character — Ida — works as a hairdresser. She is in her 50, and she is preparing for the wedding of her daughter Astrid with student Patrick. After undergoing chemotherapy and returning home, she finds her husband in bed with a young mistress, and to top it all off — her son enlists in the army. In such a chaotic state, Ida travels to Italy for a wedding and, on the way to the airport, gets into an accident, the culprit of which, as it turned out, was Patrick’s widowed father — Philip. At first, these two have a deep dislike for each other, which develops into strong love.

2. Hors de prix, 2006

Irene is a typical senior bachelor hunter in five-star hotels on the French Riviera. Once, by mistake, Jean, a hotel employee, mixing cocktails in the evenings and walking the dogs in the morning, turns out to be with her in the bed of the royal suite. Jean’s heart is broken, as is Irene’s impending marriage. The romance, which began by mistake, cannot continue: she is used to relieving stress with a portion of lobsters and shopping in Prada, and he is as poor as a church mouse.

3. Mr & Mme Adelman, 2017

Few people can make a film about love the way the French do. They seem to transfer the secrets of winemaking to each film, so their movies turn out to be so original and seasoned, leaving a good aftertaste behind. Sarah holds an MA in Classical Literature, and Victor is an aspiring writer. Joyce and Dostoevsky are their common weaknesses. Once their paths crossed, and this chance encounter became the pathway, 45 years long. How will they cope with success and mutual boredom? Who will get everything, and will anyone remain in the shadows? You will find out the answer when watching this incredible and great love story against the backdrop of infinitely beautiful Paris.

4. Crazy, Stupid, Love, 2011

In the center of the plot is Cal Weaver, who experiences a breakup with his wife after cheating with a colleague. An easy-rider, Jacob Palmer, helps him to cope with these problems. The young man has several tips that can make a new person out of an abandoned and unhappy husband, namely a man who knows how to charm women and perhaps even return his beloved one. In parallel with this, the girl Hannah is worried about her boyfriend, who does not propose to her, but suddenly she falls in love with Jacob. This is how crazy love overtakes all the heroes of the film … sooner or later.

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