How to write an essay in a hurry: Best tips

Many people want to know how to write an essay fast. It can be done, but it is a skill. Skills need to be practiced before they really work. Follow our article for some tips to put into practice. Before long, you will be writing faster than you thought possible.

Write down your ideas

According to professional writers from the fast-growing writing service WriteMyEssay, the first step to any essay, whether custom essays or personal essays, is to write down your ideas. This is the best way to see what your ideas are, and how many you have. Once all your ideas are down on-page, you can choose which one you want to focus on.

This should always be your first step because it lets you see everything clearly. You might not know how well a potential idea fits your essay topic until you see it written down. You might not know how badly an idea fits until you write it down, either! Write your ideas down, so that you can see everything. It also saves you time, because you don’t need to try and remember everything. Just write things down, and then you can easily go on from there.

Choose the best topic

The next step is to choose the best topic. Remember that there are certain expectations when it comes to essays. They need to be original work, but they also need to have plenty of evidence and quotations.

The secret to writing a good essay fast is this: pick a topic that is middle of the road. You want a topic that is original enough to stand out, but common enough to have evidence. You need to have enough evidence that you can access it without too much trouble. This will cut down on the time you need to spend doing the research before writing!

If you choose the best topic, you will find that your task becomes much easier. Instead of having to dig deeply for your needed evidence, you can find it after quickly. Instead of needing to hope that there will be evidence for your essay, you can be sure that there is.

Do research work

This isn’t to say that you can skip the research entirely. Do you want to speed up the essay writing process? Then you need to make sure that you do everything you can in terms of research BEFORE you start writing.

This is the answer for anybody who wonders ‘how do you write a last-minute essay?’ You do everything in order, and you stay methodical.

Do you want to be stuck in the middle of an essay, frantically trying to find a quote? No, you don’t. That will just suck you right out of your rhythm, and slow everything down. You need to do all your research at the start, and make sure that you have it to hand. Make sure you do all the research you can. You never know when an idea might strike. If it does, you want to be ready to put it into your essay right away.

Create a Plan

The next step is to create a plan. If you ever pay for college essays, then you might be familiar with this. Custom essay sites ask you to fill out an order form with what you want them to do. Your own plan should be roughly similar. Write down what you want to do, what you need to do, and what you think you need.

A plan has no set structure, so it can be anything that you think might help you. You can write down the major points you have, your quotes, or anything else. A plan is very good to help keep you on your path. If you tend to forget things, then a plan is also handy. Plans can really speed things up in your writing. They keep everything in one place, so you can find them easily.

Avoid social media and stay focused

Your motivation to write an essay can shrink in the face of distractions. We’ve all been there – social media, YouTube, blogs…you name it. It can all combine to drag our attention away from the work we need to do.

The best way to finish an essay quickly is to stay focused. Turn off the internet if you have to. There are apps and websites that can restrict your access to social media for a set amount of time. If you find yourself struggling, then download one and put it to work!

It’s far too easy to get distracted with what’s available on the internet these days. You should obviously take breaks, but if you aren’t careful, that break could go on forever! Social media is designed to suck people in and keep them reading. Don’t let yourself be sucked in!

Write only plagiarism-free content

This is the most important part of your essay writing process. You need to make sure that your essay is completely original in every way.

Plagiarism is something you need to take very seriously. If your educational institution thinks you are guilty of plagiarism, the consequences can be severe. Make sure that everything you write is original. Your plan can come in very handy here – make sure that all your quotes are labeled, and make sure that you have the names of all your sources clearly labeled and sorted.

Ironically, writing original content can make your work go more quickly. Say you were to use something from other people’s work. Since that would send up an instant red flag, you would need to rewrite it. That takes time. Much easier to just write your own words.

Proofread and edit

The final part of your essay writing process: proofreading and editing. This may not seem like a tip to make the process faster but look at it this way. Would you rather spend the time now to look over your essay, or would you rather have to do extensive revisions? 

Proofreading and editing are good for many reasons. 

  • It ensures that you don’t make basic and silly mistakes. 
  • It can help you choose good essay topics and good annotated bibliography topics.
  • It shows that you care about your work.

Proofreading and editing mean that you can pick up on things before they become big issues. You might find an unfinished sentence, or an unattributed quote, for example. Both proofreading and editing can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Many students ask ‘how do I force myself to write an essay?’ The answer is that sometimes you just have to. This article gives some tips on how to speed the process up. Use these tips to help you write the best essay you can, as quickly as you can.

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