3 Great Movies to Watch While Using CBD

There are different reasons for using CBD. Some people believe it helps them relax. Others claim it provides them with heightened focus. Why is there a disparity in effects? The likely reason is the biphasic effect. This term describes substances that offer different effects based on how much you use.

In CBD’s case, using a small amount could cause stimulation, making it a good idea to use during the day. You should also stick to a low dose when watching a movie. Otherwise, you might become tired and miss a crucial plot point! Save larger doses for the evening when you want to unwind and go to sleep.

When watching a movie, the consumption method matters. If you choose premium CBD gummies online make sure you take one at least an hour before the film starts. A cannabidiol edible could take up to two hours to affect.

What CBD movie experience should you opt for? This guide offers three suggestions. All of them require a lot of concentration, so don’t use more than one 25mg gummy before the film starts.

1 – Die Hard

According to many action movie aficionados, the Die Hard series’ first installment ranks among the greatest in the genre’s history. The action takes place on Christmas Eve and features an NYPD detective named John McClane. He travels to Los Angeles to meet with his estranged wife, Holly. However, a terrorist named Hans Gruber takes over Nakatomi Plaza.

McClane resolves to take Gruber down and what follows is complete mayhem and carnage. In many ways, Die Hard follows the typical action movie plot but is elevated by the performances of Bruce Willis as McClane and Alan Rickman as Gruber.

You might consider it an unusual choice for a CBD movie. However, Die Hard is a high-octane experience lasting over two hours. We recommend gathering all your snacks together because you really don’t want to miss a minute of it. Unlike many action heroes of the time, McClane is portrayed as vulnerable. You will guess the ending long before it happens, but it doesn’t make Die Hard any less enjoyable.

2 – Memento

Over 20 years later, Memento remains regarded as one of the best films of the 21st century. It features Guy Pearce as Leonard Selby, a man with anterograde amnesia. This condition means he is incapable of forming new memories. Selby experiences memory loss approximately every 15 minutes.

All he knows is that he is seeking the people who killed his wife and left him for dead. Selby uses tattoos and Polaroid photos to leave clues he can pick up every time he loses his short-term memory.

Christopher Nolan does a masterful job of directing Memento. He uses two separate sequences of scenes; one in black and white, the other in color. Eventually, both sets of scenes meet to form a coherent story.

Ultimately, Selby finds the answers he is looking for but is shocked at what he discovers. The same goes for the audience as well. The ending is fantastic, and it is the ideal CBD movie to see if the cannabinoid does improve your focus!

3 – Mulholland Drive

This is a David Lynch special and is also regarded as one of the best movies of the last 20+ years. Naomi Watts plays Betty Elms, an actress who has just arrived in Los Angeles. She soon meets an amnesiac woman played by Laura Harring.

The woman is recovering from a car accident. She calls herself Rita after seeing a poster for a film that stars Rita Hayworth. Together, the two women try to learn more about Rita’s accident.

This is a great way to test the powers of CBD and movies. Like Memento, a significant degree of focus is required to keep up with the plot. Unlike #2 on our list, however, there is no cut and dried conclusion. Lynch has never offered an explanation, so it is up to you to determine what on earth happens at the end! There are explanations available online but don’t spoil what is a fabulous movie. Just watch it. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Combine CBD and Movies

It is time to test whether a small amount of CBD can help you remain focused for an entire film. The link between CBD and movies is growing, so let us know what you think of the experience. We feel as if we have offered three very different cinematic options for you to consider.

Die Hard is an often predictable but immensely entertaining action flick that will leave you asking for more. Memento requires a significantly greater degree of gray matter to understand. As for Mulholland Drive, that’s a movie you’ll have to see for yourself!



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