Retro Movies For Romantic Date Night

When you’re trying to come up with ideas for the best possible date night, you might be tempted to go out to the movies. While new movies are fun, there are some retro movies that can help you and your partner connect even better than new ones. You can order pizza, buy wine, and use this list of retro movies shared by the site Wantmatures for an unforgettable night date.


Grease is the Quintessential Musical

Grease tells the story of Danny and Sandy, a couple of crazy teenagers that met over the summer and fell in love with one another. When Sandy ends up at Danny’s school, he has to reject her to save face with his friends, but he still loves her. Sandy feels hurt by Danny, and she tries to get him to change. The cast sings and dances throughout the story and right into the heart of the audience. It’s sappy, and the ending might not play as well to modern audiences, but it’s still an amazing story! The story is perfect for people that want to reflect on how relationships can change people for the better or worse. 


Untamed Heart: A Surprising Cast and Outcomes

Caroline and Adam are coworkers at a diner, but they’re not on the best terms. One night, Caroline is walking home from work, and she’s attacked by two men. Adam shows up in time and saves the day, leaving Caroline smitten. As it turns out, he’s been following her home every night to make sure she gets there safely. The relationship slowly builds up until they fall in love, and then the story takes a turn. It’s the kind of story that you didn’t know you want to watch! The film will make you take a hard look at your love life and see the beauty in all the little quirks and imperfections!


Love Story: A Classic Take on Modern Problems

A true classic, Love Story takes on the tired trope of upper-class guy meets lower-class girl, but it is quite successful in its execution. Instead of a standard happy ending where the family eventually accepts Jenny and Oliver’s relationship, we see their struggle and how they build up their life together. Of course, the story gets more complex, but it will tug at your heartstrings every second of the film. The classic line “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” is uttered in this film, and you’ll feel it every time it’s spoken. The movie is great for couples that are in the early parts of their relationship and need that reassurance that sometimes it’s okay to just have love and very little else. 


A Star is Born (Judy Garland): The 1954 Remake

Long before Lady Gaga got the starring role, Judy Garland started in the 1954 version of the film. The struggling singer Esther Blodgett has an unfortunate run-in with Norman Maine, a singer whose career is starting to come apart at the seams. While the audience wants these two to get together, the movie doesn’t give you that quick satisfaction. You’ll want to pull your hair out due to all the near-misses in this film, as Esther’s star rises and Norman’s continues to dim. The film will make you take a closer look at your relationship to gauge how well it is serving your needs!


Sixteen Candles is a Teen Film that Works for All Ages

Are you looking for a movie that will make you relive the awkwardness of the times that you’ve spent in high school trying fruitlessly to get someone to like you? Then you’ll love the thrill of this film. In this movie, Samantha is feeling isolated by her family and friends because she’s turning 16, and the rest of her family doesn’t seem to notice or care. Throughout the film, Sam has the longest day possible that constantly sees her ignored and set aside. In the end, like any good romance, her crush makes it all better. This film is perfect for teaching your partner how they can make any bad day better just by being there.

Many different retro films can help you have a fun and romantic night. While some of the films are better for some situations than others, the result is that any of the movies on this list can teach you a valuable lesson about love. Sit back, put on a movie, and let the older wisdom flow through you while you’re treated to quality films!

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