Don’t miss out the Inaugural Network Awards of the 4KUniverse!


America’s first 4K HDR TV Network, 4KUniverse brings you its Inaugural Network Awards ceremony. It is set to be organized over two weekends during 2021, on October 16 and October 23 in Orange County, California. The venue is yet to be announced which in fact is going to be some golf course.

How to attend the event?

This exclusive event is available only for the first 10,000 VIP subscribers of the 4KUniverse. So subscribers hurry up and grab hold of the opportunity to attend this gala event! The ticket cost per household is $360 which may be a bit costly, but rest assured this event will be splendid enough to be worth the cost. So what are you waiting for? Just visit us at to sign up and reserve your tickets for this amazing event!

Just keep this noted that you must be 21 or older to attend the event.


Check out the event’s format

This is sure shot going to be a night to remember. So don’t forget to dress yourself in a cocktail attire to attend the event as the starting occasion will be a cocktail party! Here you will get to see celebrities, royalty, musicians and sports stars mingle with the elite of Hollywood. The attendance of these celebrities and sport stars are to be confirmed through a public joint press release with the 4KUniverse network beforehand. The public will be kept notified throughout the year upon each celebrity’s attendance confirmation. However, their attendance during the event will be kept a surprise! You will not know which celebrities are going to attend the event which weekend. This will enable a thrill as you may get to see your favorite celebrity all of a sudden! A red velvet rope will separate the event attendees from these celebrity talents. So event attendees will be allowed to watch and take photographs from behind the rope only.

The hosted awards show will follow the cocktail hour. This will run for probably an hour and a half and will honor the award winners with statuettes. Everything is going to be recorded live by the 4K cameras of the TV network.

Award Categories

Awards will be given for the following categories, which are Best Movie, Best TV Show, Best Actor and Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actress, Best Musician, Best Sports Star, Best Comedian, Best On Screen Couple and last but not the least Best Face Mask. Surely COVID-19 is responsible for introducing the last one!

But don’t get scared of COVID-19. This award event will follow every possible measure to repel the pandemic. Social distancing measures and mask-wearing are some of those. Not to mention an open-air outdoor venue to add with it!

Pelican Hill Golf Course (A supposed venue)

Some words from the CEO

The founder and CEO of the 4KUniverse, Matthew Mancinelli has rightly commented on this occasion that, “The intimacy of the night is what is driving 4KUniverse VIP subscriptions. When have you ever been this close to your favorite celebrity? It’s a fun industry event for talent and a big opportunity for common folk to get up close and actually hear celebrities socialize.”


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