Check out these two amazing promotional teasers for the “Go to your Happy Place” campaign of the 4KUNIVERSE!

A new advertising campaign titled “Go to your Happy Place” for the 4KUniverse is here to entice you! The 4KUniverse has released two promotional teaser videos for this campaign.

4KUniverse is America’s first 4K HDR TV network which was founded in 2016 by Matthew Mancinelli. This one-of-a-kind TV network equipped with eye-popping visuals and wide color gamut (WCG) will debut its direct-to-consumer Ultra HD streaming service for only $10 per month this December. You can avail this service on your 4K devices and enjoy TV shows, movies, documentaries, specials, nature and kids content in 4K and 4K HDR resolution. With so much to enjoy, the title for the campaign is apt. This will ensure your happiness indeed!

Let’s have a look at the two teasers


The first one originally titled “Go to your Happy Place” shows a car driving a long way through a wintry snowy forest to finally reach its destination, a “happy place” that is home. The background music for this is slow and thrilling. It will arouse our inquisitiveness as to where its destination lies.


The second one “Go to your Happy Place (Cowboy)” features the life of a cowboy showcasing ranches, open grasslands and cowboys riding on horse backs. It depicts the happiness involved in a cowboy’s life as it is full of adventures, thrills and sports and what’s more, they usually get the girls! I personally find the background music excellent and just apt to go along with the video’s flow.

I think both the teasers are amazing and are a perfect fit for this advertising campaign of the 4KUniverse. Through these videos the network has been successful in depicting a “happy place” in a true sense. A one-of-its-kind promotion strategy for their services indeed!

Some words from the CEO

With regard to the matter the founder and CEO of the 4KUniverse, Matthew Mancinelli has commented, “Our U.S. 4K streaming service launch is 5 years in the making. We hope the coronavirus doesn’t delay the launch, but as of today, we are on schedule.”

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