Best Movie Classics from The Early 20s

The early 2000s was a decade full of top films that were key to the emergence of modern cinema.  Making a selection of eight great films from such an era is not easy; because the truth is that there are numerous great titles that one can recommend. However, after a vigorous process, we have narrowed down the list to the eight movies you will read about in this piece. Happy reading!

Ocean 11

Ocean 11 is regarded as one of the most successful movies in the 21st century. Written by Ted Griffin and directed by Steven Soderbergh, Ocean Eleven was able to generate the buzz that reinvigorated the heist series in Hollywood.

Ocean 11 was a massive hit, grossing $450 million from an initial budget of $85 million, making it the highest-grossing movie in 2001 ahead of Jurassic Park III. Ocean Eleven became the standard for what a marketable heist movie should be like in the 21st century. The movie happened to hit at the right time and caused a spinoff in 2018 with an all-female version of Ocean Eight. If you are looking for one of the best heist and casino themed movie, Ocean 11 is the right movie for your film compilation. The movie was filmed mostly in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Therefore, the film has fantastic casino features that you will see in a top casino like BetMGM. You can take a look at some of these amazing features by checking out a review of BetMGM provided by Sports Betting & Casino Community Site, OLBG.

Snatch 2000

Snatch is a jewel of fast and relaxed cinema. English director Guy Ritchie repeats the formula he had already proposed in 1998’s Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Snatch has a bit more of what we like to call “the MTV effect”: fast editing, fast dynamics, lots of colorful characters, and scenes that are mind-blowing.

Snatch is a fun, entertaining movie, full of gripping situations, with a script so well narrated and carried out that it is impossible to take your eyes off the screen from beginning to end. The role of Brad Pitt is sublime. It is one of the movie classics that we recommend for your movie compilation.

American Psycho (2000)

At a time when horror films were beginning to decline, suspense films or psychological thrillers as they were called began to explode in popularity.  These were movies that perhaps could have been classified within the horror genre, but due to their visual tone, were exempted from the genre.

Among several attempts, American Psycho, a Mary Harron film based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel, put actor Christian Bale on the crest of the wave of popularity.  Bale’s portrayal of a serial killer was impressive and brought a renewed interest in the genre.

The script is intelligent and allows viewers to get into the shoes of a successful and wealthy man, who at night transforms and brings out his most primal desires. Together with him, we see that descent into madness and how it affects his character. American Psycho is one that should be on your playlist if you need a film from the early 2000s.

I Am Sam (2001)

The personification of Sean Penn and the relationship with his daughter, Dakota Fanning, is fully expressed in the 2001 blockbuster “I Am Sam’’.  The empathy of Michelle Pfeiffer’s character is the central axis of the entire film. The duo provides an impeccable performance, which reaches us to the bone in a deep way resulting from the love that exists between a father and daughter.

The story tells us about Sam Dawson and his little daughter Lucy. Sam has mental retardation that makes him intellectually a little boy, and when Lucy is about to exceed ther father’smental age, the state wants to separate them. Michelle Pfeiffer provides an excellent casting, which provides an emotional rollercoaster.  Tears from start to finiare is one of the best examples of making a good drama, and ‘’I Am Sam’’ provides an abundance of this.

Mulholland Drive 2001

If we talk about the best films in the early 2000s, we cannot leave out Mulholland Drive. It was directed by legendary director David Lynch who was behind other classics like Dune, Blue Velvet, and the Twin Peaks series. Lynch did not disappoint with Mulholland Drive and gave us a dream walk through different emotions, captured with great ease by actress Naomi Watts. The great acting enables us to experience her feelings as if we are living in it. The film is one of such movies that move between drama, suspense, and other major genres. It is a great masterpiece and one of the best movies from this era.


Before the 300 movie, Marvel hadn’t started with the MCU, and several comic book adaptations had failed to cause a stir.

Marvel still hadn’t started with the MCU, and some comic book adaptations hadn’t caused much of a stir, except for the Blade saga. 300 changed the entire narrative for the movie industry as it became one of the highlights of the early 2000s. Zack Snyder became a global superstar with his portrayal of Leonidas the king of Sparta who resisted the attempts of the Persian Empire with just 300 soldiers.  The movie quickly became a classic, and Snyder’s ability to transport Frank Miller’s graphic novel to the big screen was so sublime.

It blew everyone away and sparked a new craze for comic book adaptations. Indeed, 300 is a classic that was ahead of its time.

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

The Inglourious Basterds is one of the greatest works of director Quentin Tarantino with its star casts who portrayed their characters excellently. Tarantino was able to find the right dynamic and script that made the movie a thriller.  

Inglourious Basterds is a war movie that does not lack action, violence, and the implicit pain that such historical events offer. Brad Pitt was excellent with his versatility and showed his greatness as an actor. This movie is one of the best from that era and one for your compilation.


No doubt, the movies listed above represent the greatest classics that the movie world has witnessed in history. They are the ones that paved the way for the ingenious movies that have since shaped the 21st century. 

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