Why Are Many Online Games Inspired by Popular Movies?

The online gaming industry has been on the rise throughout the last decade as a result of various technological advancements. Within that period, we’ve reached a point where the graphics in online games are nothing less than spectacular, the platforms are highly responsive, and people from every corner of the world can create one team and play together.

Moreover, many different games came into being so that players don’t get bored of playing the same game over and over again. In the sea of available game titles covering the extensive list of themes, one software provider got the idea to use movies as inspiration for new online games.

Unsurprisingly, this turned out to be a great idea for many reasons. If you are interested to find out what those reasons are, keep up with me until the last word of this text.

Interesting Themes

There are several themes often seen in online games — shootings, strategies, sports, and more. If we’re talking about games like free online slots, their themes even cover ancient civilizations, fairy tales, and more.

Among all these themes, there is one that emerged out of nowhere and became highly popular among players worldwide — we are talking about movie-themed online games. If you are not familiar with them, just take a look at Slotomania free casino slots and it will all be clear as a day.

Namely, popular movies are always a great source of ideas when it comes to any type of online game. Take, for example, Batman, and try to google it as a game. You will be surprised by the number of results that will appear. 

The reason why online games are based on popular movies is pretty simple — software developers believe that the sheer popularity of a movie will be enough to make the game popular as well. Truth be told, they are often right.

Symbol Inspiration

When you use a popular movie as a base for an online game, the graphics practically take care of themselves. For instance, when a game provider wants to design free casino games such as free slots, the basic element to focus on includes symbols that will appear on the reels. 

Symbols carry a lot of significance because they are the first thing that players see when they start a game. If they are eye-catching, the player will most likely keep playing the game.

Now, when you have a movie already launched, it is very easy to find inspiration for symbols. You can take the image of the main characters as well as any objects that are highly significant for prominent movie scenes.

Some software providers use real movie images while others get them done in a cartoon manner. Whichever of the two is the case, one thing is certain — no one has to waste time on designing new symbols but only choose the images they will use from the respective movie.

Great Source of Background Music

We all know that every online game apart from high-quality graphics has to be equipped with great background music. Once again, with movie-themed games, it is easy to sort out this aspect.

If a movie has a statement song, that one will most definitely be used for the game as well. Furthermore, if a game lasts longer, other songs used in the movie could also be played in a game to make the whole online gaming experience more realistic.

Heroic Feeling

Last but not least, there have been claims that playing online games can make us feel like heroes as we identify ourselves with the main characters. Although this can be applied to various popular games, it is particularly true for online games based on movies since they always have the main protagonist everyone admires.

Just imagine how you would feel if you could become Superman for at least a day, and your body will immediately release some positive hormones as if that is really happening.

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