Top 7 Movie Themed Slots in the Online Gambling Industry

If a movie becomes a blockbuster, you will soon see numerous licensed products inspired by it. That ranges from action figures to video games, but also online slots. It doesn’t come as surprised that movie-themed software is often present in web casinos.

Let’s check out the best slots inspired by films we all know and love. Here are the games you should try today!

1. Lion King

PlayStar is the Lion King slot creator, a game inspired by the famous cartoon that recently became a movie. It features a classic five-reel layout, but it’s the additional features that make it fantastic. You can trigger 15 free spins if you land the bonus symbol on the middle wheels. If you retrigger this bonus, the number of free games can increase up to 150. 

The symbols include lions and other jungle animals and classic card values from “10” to “A.” Players need at least three of the same to land a prize, and the value depends on the combination. Lion King also features a split symbol, which gives another twist and additional ways to win.

If you like animal-themed games, check out this fresh Spin247 casino review 2020. You can encounter slots inspired by lions and the animal world in general and other exciting machines with tempting jackpots. 

2. Ted

Let’s continue to keep things light by mentioning the Ted slot. Did you watch the movie about a controversial teddy bear that can move and talk? Ted has a unique character and isn’t afraid of using bad words. 

As for the slot, Ted features a 5×3 reel with symbols like the movie logo, woman, goose, etc. We found it intriguing because of the various bonuses offered. If you wake up Ted, he will issue a tempting bonus in the form of cash or free spins. Just like with the actual teddy bear, it is all about the action from the moment you begin playing!

3. Tomb Raider

It is natural to include a video game-inspired slot in our list of software licensed by movies. Whether you are a fan of Angelina Jolie, Alicia Vikander, or simply Lara Croft, you will love this machine. Once again, Microgaming is the company behind it, which means we get a top-quality game.

The developer used the proven formula of five reels and 15 lines. You will enjoy amazing graphics and animations, and each symbol was carefully chosen to fit the theme. The portrayal of Lara Croft features a game-inspired symbol, which means Vikander and Jolie don’t show up in the slot. 

Despite that, you will enjoy this game, which is a part of the series. The Secret of the Sword is the sequel that features a similar concept.

4. Halloween

Halloween belongs to horror movie classics for a good reason. If you like a good scare, don’t hesitate to check out the film. Those who are fans of dark-themed casino games should try the Halloween slots. 

The developer behind the software is Microgaming, and they are among the most reputable industry names. After loading the game, players will find that it features fifty lines and five reels. The characters included are Annie, Loomis, Lynda, and Laurie, and other symbols fit the theme, too. You will find the music scary and contributing to the overall dark atmosphere.

Your mood might improve once you see that the maximum win is 500x the initial stake. Players will love the Trick and Treat bonus round and other extra features.

5. Terminator 2

Is there anyone who didn’t love Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator? Let’s put his political career aside; Schwarze is a fantastic actor who portrayed his character perfectly. Although they made multiple movies within the franchise, Terminator 2 is the most popular one.

It doesn’t come as strange that the movie served as an inspiration for the slot. Now, the graphics might not be brilliant, and even the symbol choices could be better. All the characters are there, and developers selected captions from the movie to serve as symbols. You will also find the T2 logo as the scatter. 

The game features a classic 5×3 layout and 243 ways to win. You can pick between different wager levels and activate free spins and other bonuses.

6. Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes offered something different once it appeared, and the slot meets that standard. NetEnt took care of developing it, and they did a fantastic job. The first time you look at the screen, it might seem a bit confusing. That is because you have two sections of the screen – Rise and Dawn.

These are both in the titles of movies, which was a nice touch to pay homage to both films. You will virtually play two slot machines within one. Each features a 5×3 reel with multiple ways to win and an option to pick your wager. 

The Stacked Wild will affect both sections, and the same is true for the dual feature. NetEnt made sure to secure an adrenaline rush from the beginning with a beautiful intro with movie footage.

7. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park has a franchise with five movies and only one slot game. However, that machine is enough to keep the players’ interest for hours or days. The 5×3 layout features unique graphics with symbols in circles. 

Apart from the movie characters, you will find different dinosaur symbols. Although the animations are nice, it might take a while to recognize different dinosaurs since some look alike. The bonus options are exciting and include free spins, multipliers, and the Jurassic Park logo as a wild. 


Internet casinos attract players from all over the globe. The competition is fierce, which is why the gaming selection offered to users is essential. Movie-themed slot machines are an ace up to their sleeves for attracting new customers. It is why you will often see them on internet gaming platforms. 

Players can pick from different genres, such as horrors and action flicks, and comedies and cartoons. Feel free to choose your favorite and experience the thrill of combining slots and movies!


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