Breaking News from the future: COVID-19 mutates to COVID-23! If you want to know what “is going to happen”, check out the “Songbird” trailer


Looks like Hollywood is able to see the future and has come out with some quick movie about the pandemic.  “Songbird” is set to release in 2021 and features KJ Apa and Sofia Carson in the lead. This is one of those few feature films which were shot during lockdown. In fact, this was the first one to be shot in Los Angeles during that period. Writer and director Adam Mason and producer Michael Bay have tried to present the COVID-19 pandemic in an “infection spreading” movie which is very common nowadays in Hollywood. The only interesting fact is that four years later the COVID-19 virus has mutated to become COVID-23, a more dangerous form.

Songbird’s plot revolves around infected Americans being forced into quarantine camps called Q-Zones. But wait! Along with every tragedy there must be a love story else there will be no fun in watching the movie, right? So we get to see the love story of Nico (KJ Apa) and Sara (Sofia Carson). When Sara gets infected, it’s now up to Nico to save her from imprisonment or even worse!

Upon watching the Songbird trailer, this movie appears to me everything other than a terrifying thriller. It looks like some unrated zombie movie without any “zombies”. Also it is unclear from the trailer what the COVID-23 virus actually does to the human body. The funnier part was that military personnel were deployed on streets with huge machine guns ready to shoot everybody. I wonder what physical harm can a COVID-23 infected person do other than infecting another person at close proximity. He or she cannot become a zombie for sure?!

Seems like Hollywood is keen to make movies from any devastating aspect of life. They just need to devise a plot, that’s all! I knew this very well that it was only a matter of time till a COVID-19 movie came out.

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