Video Slots Linked To Films

The genres of slot games cover  many different themes, with one of the most popular being them being movie slots. Just like how there’s always something for everyone at the movies, the same is true for slot games – there are thousands of slots to play, which all offer something different. 

You can expect to find some big, blockbuster names when scouring for slot games. 

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Ancient civilisation tends to be a popular theme, whether that be in blockbuster movies or slot games. We can’t help but feel encapsulated by the remnants of the Roman Empire – a world very different from the one we live in today. Our fascination with history is one of the reasons why such themes are so prevalent amongst pop culture. Gladiator is an iconic movie released in 2000, starring Russell Crowe, which remains a household name to this day. This movie makes a perfect slot game. The visuals and themes of the coliseum and the backdrop of Ancient Rome is so enthralling and exciting.



There have been many Terminator movies since the franchise’s first debut in 1984 – it instantly became a hit around the world and propelled Arnold Schwarzeneggar even further into Hollywood stardom. The unforeseeable future of Artificial Intelligence has gripped audiences for decades and continues to be the focal point for many fascinating movies. It’s no surprise that this massive Blockbuster movie has its own slot game, especially when it’s already inspired video games and even theme park attractions.


Justice League 

Justice League is the ultimate superhero movie starring all of our favourite DC superheroes  – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash. There’s nothing stopping DC since Warner Bros started rolling out movies in the DC Extended Universe franchise. Justice League is one of the most impressive movies in the franchise to date, because who doesn’t want to see the DC superheroes team up to beat the bad guys. Fans of the DC comics and movies can wager a few rounds in the Justice League slot game or pick one of the many other famous DC movie slots to play. Every time a new DC movie comes out, you can expect a slot game will swiftly follow.   


The Matrix

Will you decide to take the red pill or the blue pill? The Matrix is one of the most captivating movies of all time due to its very clever storyline. The dystopian sci-fi movie depicts a future where all of humanity is trapped inside a simulated reality to power the energy source of artificial intelligence machines. The movie still remains a hot topic of debate to this day due to its intriguing philosophical themes. As one of the most famous movies to ever brace our screens, it’s no doubt that it has a slot game for fans to enjoy. 



This movie is a little different to the other films on the list because it’s not an action movie -unless, you consider a wrestling match with a teddy bear as drama. Ted is a comedy movie, starring Mark Wahlberg, which follows the life of a grown-up man who still lives with his teddy bear, except that bear has come to life and knows a thing or two about curse words. The film became an instant hit at the movies, generating eruptions of laughter.You can enjoy playing the slot game with the sarcastic bear tagging along, but try not to get too offended by his potty-mouth!  

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