Every DC Movie No Longer Leaving HBO Max

HBO Max is the brand-new streaming platform from the US TV giant and it has had anything but a smooth launch. With several negative headlines criticising the choice to remove DC content from the platform, many are wondering whether this could be the next big break for HBO and their streaming apps. In this article, we will be looking into every DC movie that will no longer be leaving the HBO Max as a result of the biggest U-Turn in 2020. 

The Launch Of HBO Max 

On May 27th the launch of HBO Max wasn’t particularly seamless, as it joined the ranks of the other HBO streaming services that are available. However, with the pricing set at $14.99, the same as the other streaming options, HBO Max had its only unique selling points in the form of DC movies. With DC making waves with several Online DC themed video slots and other online games, there is a huge gap in the market when it comes to targeting audiences surrounding superheroes. This is a niche that have proved highly popular in 2020 with Marvel content on Disney + and other streaming platforms. 

This had many fans excited about the future of HBO max as it is set to be a direct competitor for much larger streaming services out there such as Netflix and Disney + that is dominating the online streaming market at the time. Just 2 weeks after the launch of the new HBO Max streaming, it was announced that almost half of the DC titles would be removed off of HBO Max in July. 

A Rival For Disney + 

However, with the announcement of the DC titles being removed came a huge amount of backlash from fans of these DC films. The DC titles included in this HBO service are what many believe to be one of the key selling points for this service that has the potential to rival Disney +. As a result, the removal of these DC titles led to a vast amount of backlash online. With the ongoing battle between DC and Marvel rumbling on, Disney + has reached a core sector of the market by providing every Marvel film all in one place putting them a step above DC and HBO when it comes to creating an easy to use platform. 

The Potential Growth Of HBO Max 

Similarly, however, there is a potential for WarnerMedia group to be sitting on the same gold mine. Not only are there the DC films on HBO Max, but there are also several DC TV series on the CW that are proving highly popular with audiences. With the likes of Supergirl and The Flash pulling in huge viewership figures with every new season, the need for these popular CW programs to be placed on HBO Max has been gaining traction online. With many fans of the DC universe calling for these to be added to the app, this could be a great sign of things to come. This change would be a beneficial business move as it would provide DC fans with streaming options that they want with all their favourite DC films and TV shows as a result. 

DC Movies And A Huge Selling Point 

Justice League TrailerFrom the perspective of a fan, several benefits come from having DC programs and films on the streaming service as a majority of these are not available on several other streaming options. This is a highly beneficial business move for HBO and Warner Bros entertainment as this is a selling point that could better the service. This is great for the company as there are a total of 87K downloads in the first few days, however, with the expansion of DC content on the streaming platform, could we being seeing the development of one of the next leading streaming services to come out of the US.  

As the number of people using this service continues to grow, there is a vast amount of potential should they continue down the route of DC exclusives and other popular HBO shows. 

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