A Movie Universe To See You Through Lockdown

With some of us looking at another few weeks before we can return to our day to day, it may already be proving difficult to find ways to pass the time. Many of us have already gotten through our favourite TV series or watched our favourite movie here and there, but luckily for us, many of our favourite streaming platforms have full libraries with trilogies of movies set in the same universe to give us a whole day of entertainment – we’re going to point out some of our favourites.


The Lord Of The Rings – One of the biggest fantasy classics is a favourite of many, with the extended trilogy reaching a run time of nearly twelve hours – if you’re looking for a big LOTR one-day marathon, this is definitely the way to go. The newer, but a little more of a niche taste for many, Hobbit trilogy is also starting to appear with the first instalment already on Netflix if you’re looking to extend that twelve hour run time a little longer. This much loved classic however can easily fill an entire day worth of watching, and a very worthy contender if it happens to be something you’ve never seen before.

The Ocean’s Trilogy – Nothing quite beats a good heist movie and the original ocean’s trilogy is definitely up there. The newer entry into the series may not have been all that great, and with the original first seeing screen time in 2001 they do begin to show their age a little, but they’re still a great fun way to spend the day. You may not be able to finish like Danny Ocean and the others by walking away with millions, but some of these non gamstop casinos may offer a nice distraction if you get the bug afterwards – this trilogy is nowhere near the run time for the previously mentioned Lord of the Rings, but can offer a fun filled afternoon.

Star Wars – Whether you’re a purist and love the original trilogy, or a little younger at heart and the prequels are your thing – luckily with the introduction of Disney+ they’re all at hand. The newer prequels are beginning to appear too, along with the side sequels in flicks such as Rogue One, as well as an alternative story in the Mandalorian if you’re yet to watch that. For the fans, there’s a whole lot of Star Wars available for you to revisit, and can certainly make for a fun filled day.

Ip Man – A slightly alternative choice, but this eastern kung-fu favourite has a great trilogy alongside a number of sequels that follow a slightly different storyline. With some excellent fight choreography and the very typically well done Eastern cinematography these movies make for some very exciting viewing hours – for those unaware too, they also follow the life, if not a little embellished, of the martial artist who created Wing Chun, the form studied by Bruce Lee.


Fortunately for us, our favourite platforms are adding new titles daily and some newer releases that were scheduled to go on the big screen may instead be coming to our favourite streaming apps – there’s still plenty to watch and plenty to fill your days with over the coming  weeks!


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