Actors Who Have a Bad Gambling Habit

It is a common fact that celebrities have a different lifestyle, and most of them are on a higher pay grade. Therefore, they can afford luxury cars, expensive apartments, and to bet more money than the average person.

This lifestyle has led to some exciting stories involving million-dollar bets, private poker gatherings, and lots of scandals. Some stories started circling, and before we knew it, they revealed which Hollywood actors have a bad sports betting or gambling habit.

Here are some of the celebs who have been in gambling news stories.

Charlie Sheen 

When Charlie split from his wife Denise Richards, many details from his personal life came out, including his sports betting addiction. The actor bet on sports events such as those on sbobet every day. He was also not so good at winning, and when bets didn’t go his way, he had aggressive mood swings. 

Matt Damon 

Thanks to Oceans 11 and Rounders, Matt Damon did learn some poker skills, enough to intrigue him to start playing cards off-camera. 

When he plays poker in private games, he is calm and polite. He is not one of those players who turn aggressive when losing. He is a down-to-earth guy who enjoys casual sports betting or playing a good hand of cards. 

Ray Romano 

Known for his leading role in the TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Ray is a sports betting enthusiast and casual gambler. He admitted that he had a gambling problem before the shooting of “Men of a Certain Age,” where he took the role of a serious gambler.

Today, Ray continues to make online bets when playing golf. Nothing serious. 

Tobey Maguire

In 2011, the famous actor settled a lawsuit following his involvement in illegal poker gaming. The organizer of those poker games revealed that he was not a good player, especially when he was losing. He was a sore loser.

These days, he stays out of the media and is only playing for fun. According to his manager, he quit playing poker. But, from what we saw in his movie “Molly’s Game”, his passion for poker may show up again, whether he likes it or not. 

Ben Affleck

Passionate about poker and blackjack, Ben Affleck is known as one of the celebrities who has a bad gambling habit. He even acknowledged his gambling addiction in 2001 and put himself into a rehab facility.

Over the years, he has played in casinos and private poker venues. One night, he bet $60,000 on a hand of blackjack and managed to win $800,000. He left the employees a generous $150,000 tip.

Walter Matthau

Known for his roles in movies like “Charade”, “The Odd Couple”, Dennis the Menace”, and “Grumpy Old Men”, Walter Matthau wasn’t just a famous movie star, but also a serious gambler.

He preferred to bet on sporting events, horse racing, or basketball. While he wasn’t a fan of casinos, it was hard for him to walk past a table without playing a hand or two.

Some of the actors we mentioned think of sports betting as a hobby, while others are serious gamblers who’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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