Quarantine and Chill: Here Are Our Top 10 Netflix Picks

7.) Train to Busan:

When a viral pandemic breaks out in South Korea, passengers struggle to survive on this deadly train. Well, what more of an appropriate movie to watch during a viral pandemic than a zombie movie that’s based in Asia. I thought Train to Busan was a fantastic film for any one who enjoys a good zombie film. Beware this movie is not English dubbed and does have subtitles. No matter, even if subtitles isn’t something you’re used to, this is still a pretty movie to check out for the thrills and pure craziness that goes on in confined spaces. 

6.) Black Mirror:

This anthology series explores a high tech multiverse where some of the world’s greatest innovations collide with the dark side of humanity. As a self proclaimed nerd, I absolutely love Black Mirror. Just imagine the twilight zone mixed with some realistic science fiction. It’s a real benefit that the show is structured as an anthology because every episode is different. They are often times ran by a different director which means that every episode will have its own voice and flavor. If you don’t like one, that’s okay because the next episode may completely blow you away. I think the real fear that Black Mirror taps into is the idea that some of these stories could realistically happen, or they are already happening in our own world. Also, even if you’re not much of a sci-fi fan, the stories are still grounded in relatable issues that anyone can still enjoy. Each season may have anywhere from 3 to maybe 6 six episodes with a run time of about an hour. You may even notice some well known celebrities appear in some episodes and even some actors before they become famous. If you haven’t already, definitely make sure you catch up on Black Mirror and just treat yourself. 

5.) Candyman: 

A murderous soul with a hook for a hand is summoned back to reality by a grad student researching the monster’s myth. That’s right, the original Candyman from 1992 starring Tony todd is on Netflix right now. In case you were too young to see it, you can see the original horror film that spooked people to this very day to say his name in the mirror. Given the news of a quote unquote spiritual sequel coming out produced by Jordan Peele in the summer of 2020, giving this film a watch may be beneficial. Just be sure to keep his name out your mouth before, during and afterwards. You’ve been warned. 


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