Two New Indies: “Scooter” and “Groupers”. Of the Two, Roll with the Latter.

“Scooter”: A most Unctuous & Unwelcome Return to the Found Footage Fad

So you thought Found Footage Flicks had long since come and gone, didja?  Oh, think again, my friend.  The new alleged thriller “Scooter” has rolled onto the scene.  And thank God it will soon be going down in flames forever.

I will now use a series of “i” words in an effort to describe this contemptuous catastrophe: inane, imbecilic, idiotic, insulting, incomprehensible, inexcusable, ingratiating and ignominious.

And I’ll toss out one more that I just now made up: IbegofyoutoNEVERentertainthefaintestNOTIONofevenforonemomentCONSIDERINGsubjectingyourselftotheloathseomeloadoffesteringFECESthatconstitutesthewholeofScooter.


Oh and I gotta add one more thing.  I don’t know who you are filmmaker Matt Wohl.  And I don’t wanna know ya.  But to consistently, clearly and stultifyingly associate the American flag with the bottom of the barrel degenerates you foist upon us in your film makes me want to puke in your smug, self-satisfied lap.

Rating: 1 out of 10. (and that’s being charitable)


“Groupers”: Singularly Weird and Watchable

The new screwball crime dramedy “Groupers” started out taking us down one path paved with the ominous and the sinister.  Then abruptly and without warning shit got kooky and kinky.  Kinkier.  And flat-out funny.  Thundercloud dark funny, that is.

First time feature film Writer/Director Anderson Cowan has a definite agenda here.  Bullying, particularly preying on homosexuals simply because they’re homosexuals, is not right.  And he is, of course, right.  But Andy, did you have to be so relentlessly preachy in driving your point home?  Evidently you did ‘cuz this is what ya did.  Though I gotta say the “fruit roll-up” reference was a stroke of wink-wink genius.  Well played, rookie. Oh, and may I add that I really like the fitting choice of Bible verses you chose to bookend your flick, too.

Ah, but I quibble.  Taken as a whole “Groupers” proved to be a mostly engaging and entertaining romp from start to finish.  And it is yet another robust reminder that the crazies cozily crowded into California are one wildly whacked-out group.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10.

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Two New Indies: “Scooter” and “Groupers”. Of the Two, Roll with the Latter.

“Scooter”: A most Unctuous & Unwelcome Return to the Found Footage Fad

“Groupers”: Singularly Weird and Watchable

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