Top 10 Casino movies watch late at night

Casino movies are great, right? Even the bad casino movies can alter your mood according to the story. Everyone has their own choice of the films, and sure some folks love to watch suspense and some like to watch action movies. But what about those cool films where you get both categories in the same movie?

Movies made on the topic of gambling are full of thrill and suspense that will keep you entertained from start to finish and many famous Hollywood movies are produced based on Casino’s. Don’t just enjoy the casino movies, but also have a great gambling experience on

10   Most popular casino movies that will surely awake you the whole night

1)     Casino Royale:

This movie features two main things, James Bond and the casino. It is a remake of the 1967 film and you will find many amazing stunts and scenes in it. In this movie, the government sends their agent James Bond to Madagascar where he has to find Le Chiffre, a person who financially supports terrorists. Le Chiffre is popular for winning huge amounts in the poker. MI6 sends Bond to play against him and to topple the man’s organization. According to Express, casino royale was voted as the best casino movies in the Hollywood.

2)     The Hangover:

This movie is full of suspense and tragedy in which 4 friends drive to Las Vegas to celebrate Doug’s (one of four friends) bachelor party 2 days before his marriage. The next morning when they woke up they don’t remember a single thing and also cannot Doug there. According to BBC News, this movie set a record at the box office when it was released.

3)     The Cooler:

The narration of a loser guy who turns the luck of gamblers into a misfortune just by passing around them. He has been shown much unlucky that no one likes him and his business in the casino is to make lose the winners. Later he founds a true love and his bad luck turns into a good fortune.

4)     Leaving Las Vegas:

A story of a screenwriter who destroys his career because of the alcohol. This movie is inspired from the novel by John O’Brien. One day Ben arrives in Las Vegas casino to drink and meets a beautiful prostitute Sera. They both come in the relationship and have a deep bonding between them. They both understand each other and stay together for each other’s support.

5)     Hard eight:

There are 3 main characters of this movie Sydney, John, and Clementine. Sydney, a professional gambler trains John that how to trade. In a small-time, John becomes a master of trading, but his abilities start getting low when he falls in love with a waitress, Clementine.

6)     Ocean’s Eleven:

Danny Ocean is the main character of this film, a thief that has abilities to turn a losing game into the winning one. Ocean with his eleven associates plans to rob five most popular casinos of Las Vegas on the same night.

7)     Ocean’s Twelve:

After getting forced from a casino owner, Terry Benedict, to return the money with millions of interest, Ocean and his team have planned to rob casinos, but this time the location in Europe. They have also added a member to their team to make the plan works more perfectly.

8)     Owning Mahowny:

A movie based on the true story of the largest one-man bank fraud in the history of Canada. A bank manager that gets access to the billion dollars account and stuck into a weird situation.  This movie has a rating of 8 stars out of 10.

9)     The Good Thief:

A story of a gambler who loses his a lot of money and then decides to rob the casino. Before he takes an action someone has already called the cops there. How he is going to rob the gambling club now?

10)   The Gambler:

This movie features a life story of a risk-taker who has lost everything but still don’t left the gambling. Axel Freed, a famous literature professor, loses his all money in the casino and he borrows it from his girlfriend and then from his mother. After wasting the funds of both of them, he lends the cash from some bad guys that use to chase him.


Casinos are not popular in the only gambling industry, but they are also playing a major role in the story of the film industry. There are many real-life stories that are interlinked with casinos. By watching the above movies you will get familiar with many incidents, happened in the life of people.

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