NBA Best Movies

One of the best sports combined with one of the most favoured past times creates the best basketball movies. Going back in time to see which of these movies captured the hearts of their audience made us nostalgic and had us renting them online again. Some of these movies were so great and way ahead of their time that we could watch exclusively for the NBA betting tips you could pick up along the way by determining footwork and different strategies. Want to know which ones our reviewers thought were the best? Check out the top rated basketball movies ever made.

Space Jam

Who could ever forget this movie blockbuster hit featuring the pro of NBA himself, Michael Jordan? Released in 1996, the movie was the first of its kind, combining high quality animated graphics and modern day real life together to form a family friendly movie. The cartoon characters are based on the Looney Tunes and features Bugs Bunny. Danny DeVito also acts in the basketball themed movie, so there isn’t anything not to like.

He Got Game

Who cannot appreciate a Denzel Washington film? He Got Game is worthy of appreciation and so much more.  The sport drama takes on a bit of a more serious feel and unlike Space Jam, there is very little humour. After a domestic fight lands a father of a basketball star in prison for homicide, the tale follows the fathers plan for a shortened sentence.


Another actor we completely adore and a very popular Hollywood actor at that, we give you Will Ferrell and his hilarious comedy, Semi-Pro. Will Ferrell pljdcfhfhhays the part of a singer who has a dream to own his own basketball team and the hilarious events that transpire for him to make this dream come true, and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Juanna Mann

Released in 2002, this blockbuster is still a remembered favourite amongst comedy enthusiasts. The hilarious comedy tells the story of a man who gets booted from his team after a stunt leaves him looking for the thrill of basketball on a women’s team where he obviously needs to take on the look and the persona of a woman.

Space Jam 2

Going back to the top of the list, Space Jam 2 is being released and this time it’s LeBron James who will take the lead in this fantastical feature. Although the movie has yet to be released, Space Jam 2 is already drawing attention in from fans and is currently in production and said to be released in 2021.

Hoop Dreams

The dramatized movie won Outstanding Documentary prize for the intense story about a young basketball player who travels to a predominately white school with an incredible basketball programme and the challenges the player faces on a daily basis.


There have been a number of comedies based on basketball to have been released over the years, but nothing quite satisfies as the movie Thunderstruck. This comedy is brilliantly funny based on a teen who becomes the star of his school’s basketball team when he acquires magical abilities the same as NBA star Kevin Durant. Durant is in turn affected and no longer able to score. Needless to say, this remains one of our favourites to this day.

It’s really uncanny how many movies have been based on basketball. This leads one to think that almost any new release based on the competitive sport will be a success. Needless to say, we are looking forward to seeing the new Space Jam and pretty much any other games based on our favourite court sport!

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