7 Brilliant Films That Will Make You Love Life

Life is simply beautiful if you know how to enjoy it at its fullest. Yes, it can be hard sometimes, but that’s how it’s supposed to be in order for us to grow and evolve. There’s no reason not to approach life with passion, love, and responsibility while enjoying every unique experience. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Everyone’s experiencing ups and down. When we feel down, we seek solutions. Well, one of the best ways to start loving life again is to start watching several insightful films that’ll remind us of the bigger picture, making us forget about our small existential issues. Here’s our list of 7 brilliant films that will make you love life again:

1. Little Miss Sunshine


I like this movie because it reminds us of one simple and yet truly important aspect of our life: it’s the journey that matters and not the result. The film is about a little girl who decided to become a “Little Miss Sunshine”, and her rather strange family is helping her through the process. Remembering to enjoy your journey towards your goals in everything you do in life may be all you need to experience a happy and fulfilling life!

2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


If you’ll take your time and watch this incredible film, it will be almost impossible not to feel that you can do anything that you imagine. You see, the Hollywood comedian Ben Stiller has done an incredible job in expressing the teenager’s spirit. The film is about a common loser and his adventures, a person who believes that we must be original and that we must never be afraid to change the world.

3. The Bucket List


A film with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in the main roles couldn’t be anything less than a masterpiece. The fact that these two incredible actors bonded during the filming process made “The Bucket List” even better. But it’s not only the great roles that make you love your life after watching it. The movie’s exceptional also because of the great dialogs between the two main characters and the inspirational lines that remind us to be grateful for every moment we experience.

4. Matilda


“Matilda” was one of my favorite films back when I was just a child. If you’ll watch it, you’ll understand why. This fantasy comedy will have your eyes lighted up by a genuinely smart girl like Matilda, who comes from a moron family and eventually manages to find her sweet escape with her favorite teacher.

5.  Yes Man


If you want a great laugh to cheer you up and make you love life again, you should definitely watch a film led by Jim Carrey. “Yes Man” is especially a great choice to find your inspiration. Jim is playing a depressed manager that one day decided to say “yes” to everything in order to overcome his depression. There are lots of funny scenes and inspirational choices that the actor emphasizes, so this is a great choice whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or down!

6. Love Actually


“Love Actually” is a Christmas-themed romantic comedy which relates the life of eight different couples during the month before Christmas. The point of this film is to capture that one emotion that connects us all – LOVE – especially when Christmas is right before the corner. Sometimes, all you need to make you love your life is a romantic movie.

7. The Holiday


Two similarly unlucky in love girls, Iris and Amanda, agreed to swap homes as both of them needed a break from their life. Soon enough after the swap, both of them bump into a local guy and manage to fall in love. This film would be a great choice to raise your hopes and make you love your life again as it shows that no matter how wrong things may go in your life, you should remember that the best is yet to come.


Life is short. Before you know it, you’ll be too old to do all the things that you’ve imagined. So, stop wasting your time whining about your life and start watching an inspirational movie that will make you love your life again. Above you have 7 great movies, the choice is yours. Just remember: your life is beautiful!

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