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Once in a while, no matter how diligent and determined we are, we hit a wall. This is especially true during the early twenties. When it comes to students life and procrastination are in an ongoing love/hate relationship ever since the beginning of time.

The reasons can be different depending on the situation. Some of you might find time spent in school particularly challenging because of some personal issue. Others might struggle to find their passion. Third might believe that their dreams are just too big to come true, so they refuse even to try.

Whatever the case, in moments of unproductivity, we could all use a little motivation to fuel us to dare to dream again.

Since you are reading this post, our guess is that you are probably already under a procrastinator’s curse. If this is the case, it must be tough for you to find the willpower to go against your need to do just about anything except what has to be done for you to walk towards your bright future.

But, do not worry, we might have an answer to your problems.

And the answer comes in a form you will not be able to resist, or what film buffs and students enrolled in film studies call “an offer you cannot refuse”: a list of five best films for schools that will inspire you to keep pushing forward.

Dead Poet’s Society

The first choice on the list is the Dead Poet’s Society. This movie, known for Robin Williams’s role and the “O Captain! My Captain!” quote, is a story about a socially awkward boy who is a transfer student to a new strict school, where, along with the other boys from the class, they encounter the unusual, but inspiring teaching methods of the new English teacher. This is a tale of finding one’s individuality and will be a point of inspiration for all students who want to leave their mark on the world.

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is a narrative about a janitor working at MIT who has a hidden talent for chemistry and math. This person doesn’t completely comprehend the potential he has, and it takes someone else to bring out the best of him. Seeing this movie will make you think about your perception of your talents and skills, and maybe inspire you to look deeper.

Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers is a perfect choice for those who are going through various challenges and do not find it easy to focus on their studies. It is again, a movie about a teacher, that deeply cares about her students and pushes them to pursue their dreams, no matter how big they might seem.

Stand and Deliver

Furthermore, Stand and Deliver is for all students who like going about their studies in unconventional ways. If you do not like to do things the way they have always be done, then check this movie out for inspiration.

The Blind Side

Finally, The Blind Side is a tale inspired by the true story of Michael Oher who, resting for support on the shoulders of a kind family he is taken to, is given the chance to follow his wildest dreams.

Just pick one that you believe is best film for schools and be sure that you will feel yourself burn with the urge to do something big in life. The important thing is to learn how to stop beating yourself over every little roadblock on the way. Just accept that there will be times when you do not have enough energy and time to complete every little task you have to finish and promise yourself that you will get back in the race once you can.

If you learn how to accept that you do not have to be everywhere at all times, you will also learn how to share the burden, and stress less. There are many places like our website, that can be of great assistance to you when you most need it. When you are a student help in any form can be found everywhere – you just have to know where to look for it.

The great thing about all of these titles is that can do much more than just motivating you; they can be a help in studies for those enrolled in media studies, or those interested in cinematography since for a piece to be inspirational, it has to be a good, well-rounded story.

And good, well rounded stories are all filmmaking is about.

And so is life.



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