How to Cite a Movie in APA Format

The biggest advantage of using the American Psychological Association (APA) format to cite your paper is that it allows readers to check the sources with ease. You can also use the APA format to quote a movie. Most often movies have more than one producer. In such case, you should find out the information related to the production of the film.

APA provides you with a unique set of rules when citing movies. In this case, you are going to replace citing the location and name of the publisher with the country of origin and the studio of the film. In fact, there are different rules for doing this. Some APA rules allow you not to mention the location and studio name. All they allow is to add information about the studio’s website.

You can learn both the different rules about citing a movie or film within page 209 of the APA Manual.

Using the APA film citation, you can cite different types of electronic sources like motion pictures for writing your research papers. It includes films, various video formats, and DVD. So what does this form consist of it?

The APA format of film citation should cover all the key elements of the movie including the movie’s name, movie director, its producer, the year it was released, its title (in italics), the name of the country where the motion picture filmed, and its studio.

Basic Rules

The basic rules of APA film citation require that you start by writing the director’s last name, then a comma and give the initial of the director’s first name. Then write “(Director).” And then write the film’s copyright year enclosed within parentheses. Follow it up with a period and write the movie’s title in italics. Then identify it with “[Motion Picture].” Then add information about the country of origin and the film’s studio.

Step By Step Guide

Make sure to follow this step-by-step guide to cite a movie in APA format:


  • Producer Name: Start with the manufacturer’s name. Write the producer’s last name, then a comma, and the initial of the first name. Then follow it up by writing “Producer” within parenthesis. Make sure there is a period after the initial and comma after the parenthesis.
  • Director Name: After the manufacturer’s details, add an ampersand (“&”) and then include the director’s name. Use the same format as above. Start with the last name, then the initial of the first name, and then a period. The word “Director” should be placed after the name, within parenthesis, and then followed by a period. If the producer and director are the same, you will have to list only one name. Instead of writing “Producer” in the parenthesis, write “Producer & Director.”
  • Year of Publication: Then write the year of publication of the movie, place it in brackets and then add a period after it.
  • Movie Title in Italics: Add the film title in italics and then mention its medium within parentheses. The brackets should follow by a period. The different mediums include “Film,” “DVD” and “Motion Picture.”
  • Country of Origin: Then write the movie’s country of origin. Make sure the full name of the country  write, not its abbreviation – “the United States” and not “USA.” Place a colon after the country name.
  • Publisher Name or Studio: A movie citation complete with the mention of the studio or the publisher’s name. Add a period, and the citation will be complete.

If it is not possible to find some bibliographic information from a movie’s cover, you can consult some of the websites that list and rank movies.

When you want to write a film’s subtitles for your college paper in APA format, make sure to follow the steps mentioned above.

Similarly, there will be some slight changes when the director and producer of the movie are the same.

If the same movie had the same director and producer, the citation would look like this in the APA format:

Make sure not to forget to italicize the movie’s title. However, there can be changes based on how you watched the video. If you watched it in a particular format like DVD, you could also mention “DVD.” It can help make the citation even more accurate.

It is important that the APA citations list in alphabetical order within the APA works cited page. The goal is to have the information presented in a well-organized manner. Once you have learned how to quote a movie in this format, you will find it to be comfortable, reasonable and quick.


The APA format for video citation adds lots of structure and organization to the titles. The reader can find all the required information in one place. The details can be shared instantly, without leaving any room for confusion. Whether it is for your college paper or any other purpose, following the APA style can help simplify and speed up information dissemination.

So the next time you have to cite a movie in the American Psychological Association (APA) format, make sure to follow the steps and tips mentioned above.

If you need a free citation generator to have your movie formatted in APA, visit the following site:


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