TMB’S Top Ten Films of 2015: Mo Baptiste Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, it is about that time. With 2015 ending tonight, we could not let my top ten films of the year go unnoticed. This year was filled with much-anticipated sequels, renditions, and of course, action-packed films. Every year, there are hits and misses. And, 2015 was no different. Check out my list below.


10: Cinderella

I have not been a fan of Disney films that have been released in recent years. The newest movies have been okay, but they have not been ‘Disney great’. But, Cinderella turned this notion on its head completely. Every actor and actress was cast perfect, and performed perfect as well. If Cate Blanchett won an Oscar for her role in Cinderella, I would not be shocked due to her stellar performance. If you have not seen the movie, I highly suggest you check it out.




9: Ex Machina

I have waited for a movie like this for a long time. I retract that statement. There have been other movies that have focused on this similar concept before, but not in such an entertaining way. This movie was just talking, but I found myself immersed in every fiber of every sentence and word that occurred in every scene. The only thing that takes away from the movie is the last fifteen minutes. These fifteen minutes were just awful. However, that was overlooked because it is still a part of my top ten.







8: The Intern

How I love you Intern? I walked into the movie theater with reasonable expectations. But, I was blown away with how fantastic this movie was. I honestly felt as if I could watch this movie as least three times a year and still have the same emotional connection I had when I first seen the movie. It had everything like drama, comedy, a little bit of heist, and a little bit of mystery. Overall, the Intern was a delightful film. I highly encourage everyone to watch it, if you have not already.










7: The Kingsmen: Secret Service

I have talked about this movie until I was blue in the face. But, I’ll continue as I say, this movie is motherfuc**ng awesome! Excluding Samuel L. Jackson’s lisp (which was more infuriating than annoying), Matthew Vaughn directs another magnificent film. But, what makes the Kingsmen stand out is the unbelievable kickass action. No pun intended. If you are a real movie fan, you will surely get this reference. It will take you a while to adjust to their British accent and slang but, after that the ride will become smooth sailing









6: Mad Max: Fury Road

The dialogue absolutely means nothing, nada, zippo in this movie. The plot … who cares … that goes out the window. The reason why Mad Max is everyone’s top ten films of the year is because it is non-stop, heart-pounding, chest grabbing, raw-in-your-face action. Like really, the action never stopped. Honestly, the whole movie felt as a huge, never-ending scene. But, this is okay because I will watch it four more times before the new year comes. If you are not familiar with the franchise, just jump right in, watch it, and be prepared for one hell of a ride.



5: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Enough said.









4: Straight Outta Compton/Love & Mercy

Okay, these two movies are a tie for me. Both are very similar, but are very different, in their own right. Their stories follow the trials and tribulations of musicians, one being of the notorious rap group N.W.A. and the other being of the 1960s all boy-band known as the Beach Boys. Even though both chronicled around musicians, the films each focused on serious issues such as racism and mental illness. The issues being highlighted in 2015 were issues that were taboo to even discuss during the time eras of the films. All and all, everything was done with masterful precision.



3: Avengers: The Age of Ultron

This movie received so much flack for not being as “good” as its predecessor. And, in which, I am in complete agreement with. But, the Age of Ultron was good ass movie. You have to get over the fact, that second movies almost never beats their first installment; thus, the expectations fans had for this film were way too high because they were unrealistic. Were there any problems? Yes, of course. What movie does not? When I was able to see the Hulk punch the Hulkbuster up a building, it was right there I was sold.












2. Ant Man

I have stated, on more than one occasion, that Ant Man is the Aqua Man of the Marvel universe. There was no possibility in my mind that even the best of the best people could have made Ant Man into a viable character in this cinematic universe. I was totally flabbergasted with how much I loved this movie. Not enjoyed, but loved! Honest to God, I walked out wanting to be Ant Man, himself. The heist aspect was a stroke of genius. Paul Rudd was the best choice to revive the once useless character .









1.  And, the number one movie is ::drumroll, please…:: TURBOKID!!!

I know this wasn’t on anybody list. Words cannot express my passion for this film. In every sense of the word, this should have been a horrible film. I should be bashing this film right now. But, instead, it gave me the right amount of cheese, action, campiness,drama, and emotion. Turbokid was a really good bad movie, if that makes sense. You know, like Mortal Kombat. A bad movie, that everyone cannot help, but love. If you do not know the premise of Turbokid,  it is like Mad Max, but for kids(Mic Drop) .

So, if you don’t do anything else with your boring lives, at least watch Turbokid. It will add some flavor to your life.

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