The Other Side of the Door

Another day, another horror film. And look, this one has someone who’s a bit experienced with the genre. The Other Side of the Door looks to be the typical mid-budget horror thriller that has it’s own spin on why the monster/creature/villain is out to fuck up your day. Oh, and of course it has scary kids doing scary shit to probably make you look twice at your own kids.

Check out┬áSarah Wayne Callies try to not repeatedly scream ‘Michael‘ yet, unsurprisingly, find a way to screw over her family with a selfish decision. Ah, I just because I tend to dislike her characters in everything she appears and that could be a testament to good acting. Maybe she’s supposed to be unlikeable and pulls it off with incredible talent. Seeing her in this movie just gets my blood boiling because she’s yet again causing something that affects and hurts others around her.

Aside from that it’s typical horror 101 here and the biggest appeal is watching to, (hopefully), watch Callies get killed off. Hopefully not off screen and brutally.

[20th Century Fox]

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