So… about this Concussion movie

I love the NFL, (1. Giants, 2. Jets, 3. NOBODY ELSE), and was surprised that movie such as ‘Concussion’ even exists. Most people identify the NFL as 1 of 2 things and that’s either a sport or a multi-billion dollar corporation. It’s not often that you see major release films with a major film star with view negative views to corporation this large make it to release. Will Smith is starring in this movie as Dr. Bennet Omalu, the brilliant forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of CTE.

I almost expect this one to get “The Intern” treatment and never get released in theaters. Almost.

I have little interest in this movie as it stands. It’s not that it seems like it will be a terrible movie or bad acting or anything like that. Rather, I just don’t have an interest in this story. It actually presents itself as a great movie with Will Smith picking up an African accent along the way which can go either way. I like the variety in Smith’s roles and I wonder if this will be as great a performance as Ali and what impact this film will have on the NFL, if any.

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