Ryan Gosling confirmed for Blade Runner 2… for now

Ryan Gosling is currently attached to Blade Runner 2! Rejoice! This is surely a great casting addition…right? He actually confirmed the casting… on film no less!

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I’ll wait until things progress before I get too excited. Why? because Gosling has a history of backing out of roles in which he’s initially confirmed. Plus it seems a bit out of his preferred genre of films. Sci-fi? Gosling didn’t seem interested in a super hero movie and essentially called ‘Drive’ his first superhero attempt, bailed on the potentially fantastic Logan’s Run remake and has pretty much invested heavily into drama and romance films. It’s not completely unlikely considering how Sci-Fi and the such are career boosters in Hollywood right now it’s just difficult to comprehend that he’d be doing a 180 and is making this movie… although he does say it’s the next movie he’ll be filming so we’ll see!




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