Captain America: Civil War Official Trailer OMG

I love ya guys, so I’m going to tell you the truth. My nipples are hard! This trailer, somehow, in some way “completed” me. It had drama. It had tension. it had action. It had a finished C.G.I (WHICH HAS BEEN A RARITY THIS YEAR)! And, the best part is they gave us everything and nothing at the same time! I know the premise without having to read the source material. I know what superhero is on which side. Hell, I even know what kind of action I’m in stored for. But … where does Crossbone fit into this? I didn’t see Hawkeye or Vision? Can’t forget about Ant-man. Definitely, I can’t forget about Marvel’s 40+ year old mascot Spider-Man. This is the best trailer ever, not for the month, not for the year, but ever!!! And, if you have any hesitation about it, the last fifteen seconds solidify it. Marvel, I know, I talk a lot of shit about you for real, but keep up the fantastic work seriously…


[springboard type=”video” id=”1584419″ player=”tmbg001″ width=”599″ height=”336″ ]








P.S. Anthony, Ryan, Kenny, Jim, Jules, Bud, and Franchesca:  I love everyone, but I’m doing this review. I called it!

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