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Fox’s Marvel Films are showing signs of stability with Matthew Vaughn now producing Fantastic Four reboot

Remember that hope and optimism you had toward the Fantastic Four movies?  Jessica Alba was out of place but with The Shield’s Michael Chiklis as the Thing and Chris Evans as the Human Torch there were definitely things announced to inspire optimism.  A few years later and a few duds released and Fox has their back to a corner with how they’re handling Marvel movies.  That may all change.  Fox has shown considerable effort to produce better comic related films by bringing Bryan Singer back into the X-Men fold and appointing Mark Millar as an overseer of their comic-film properties and they just may have sealed the deal with Millar’s latest announcement on twitter:




That’s fantastic news, (no pun intended…maybe), and I think the idea of Matthew Vaughn producing the film can have the same positive reaction from fans that Man of Steel is currently enjoying thanks to Christopher Nolan’s producer’s credit on that film.  I think the idea of unifying their universe is a nice idea and I hope that as fans we benefit from the developments.  These are guys that have a background in the actual comics so giving them the keys to their franchises is like letting the inmates run the asylum. I love it.


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