Don’t judge ‘Man of Steel’ by the trailer, Superman could still fail


As much as I love anything with Christopher Nolan tied to it and as much as I want Man of Steel to triumph at the box office, I still think that the chance of failure is there. I will continue to force myself to think this way until I actually see the film and the reason is because I am worried about the hype. I’ve seen all the teasers and trailers for the film and I want to scream out, “This is going to be amazing!” As much as I want to preemptively decide this film’s fate, I began to think about the power of a trailer and the hype it builds for a film.


Thinking about Bryan Singer’s 2006 take on Superman with the film Superman Returns, I looked up the trailer. Before reading further I want you to watch the trailer below.



You cannot deny that the trailer for Superman Returns was pretty damn good, I’d even say amazing. Everyone was so hyped up for this film and then it released and disappointment set in. Just as the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” I would say, “Don’t judge a film by its trailer.” While this trailer invoked an intense emotional response for most Superman fans, the film left them with a bad taste in their mouths. The trailer highlighted the best aspects of Superman while showing bits of familiar scenery that had been revamped for modern times. Who would have thought the film would portray Superman as a home wrecker, Lois Lane as a married mother, and an overall storyline that was less than extraordinary.



Now after viewing the trailer for Man Of Steel, which is as equally (if not less) inviting, doesn’t it make you wonder about what this film actually will be? The point of this post is not to make you go into the film expecting it to fail but to rather go into the film expecting nothing at all. Hype can be detrimental in critiquing a film, so when something is overly hyped, the standards can be extremely high. I hope for the best for Man of Steel because I want a good Superman film. I just hope that Zack Snyder has not developed another Sucker Punch or it will be a very long wait for the next Superman film.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t judge ‘Man of Steel’ by the trailer, Superman could still fail

  1. I agree with KevinC1.  After watching the trailer for Superman Returns I’m left feeling how I did after watching the actual film.  The tone was spot on with the trailer and there was nothing in the trailer that hinted this was going to be a balls to the wall action adventure.  Obviously, that’s what most people expect when you think of Superman because of comics and cartoon movies. 
    Even though I love the cast and crew involved for Man of Steel I have my opinions, but I’m reserving my anticipation for opening day.  Also with Christopher Nolan producing, I think that will help keep Zack Snyder on a tight leash.  I thought Watchmen was great as a film adaptation, but Suckerpunch, save for the action sequences, was pretty bad.

  2. You can’t judge a film by it’s trailer… two words: Phantom Menace.  However, I disagree on the points about Superman Returns.  The trailer was phenomenal, yes… but I personally thought the film delivered what the trailer promised.  It wasn’t the Superman film a lot of people wanted, but it was a very good film nonetheless.  
    I think Man of Steel will be good.  It will bring the action that fans have been clamoring for since CGI has made it possible to translate Superman on film.  I had high hopes prior to the trailer, and since then my excitement has increased.  Hopefully it can deliver.
    Also, I thought Watchmen was a very good adaptation as well, not sure what the guy could have done differently to improve it all that much…  The worst you could say is that the casting of a few characters could have been better and Dr. Manhattan’s facial CGI left something to be desired…

  3. It wasn’t too long ago that many a geek and nerd witnessed the rebirth of Superman in Bryan Singer’s 2006 “Superman Returns.” In the weeks leading up to the release, I was beyond excited. Early screenings from Warner Bros. had audiences throwing around phrases like “Masterpiece” “A dazzling ode to the Man of Steel” “One of the best comic book movies ever”. Even the trailers looked epic and had the fan base worked into a frenzy. So, you’ll excuse my hesitation if I don’t get too worked up this time. After all, the same excitement is building again. The same kind of buzz — exciting trailers, early screenings that have left audiences in awe. But about what? The story is still up in the air, the villains are not new, and Zach Snyder has a history of missing the mark with adaptations (“Watchmen” anyone?). I hope I am proved wrong, I really really hope I am wrong. But you’ll excuse my skepticism for now.

  4. Superhero films are hard to make (or so it seems), the opportunities for bad decisions abound – from casting to costumes, and the studios and directors tend to take advantage of every single one. (can I get a Batman that isn’t a little guy who needs to wear armor please? And where is the blue and grey costume?)The DC characters pose an extra
    challenge because they are for the most part a bit more campy – Superman being no exception.
    Hollywood is great a making bad films, with a few gems thrown in. I’m not going in with hopes that combining this tendency with a challenging subject will yield one of those gems. If it does – I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  5. Well said Sir. :)  But I’m hoping that Henry Cavill will beat the odds. Though I believe that no body can beat what Christopher Reeve has done for the Superman franchise.

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