Trailer 2: Police Guys

Do you remember that absurdly funny trailer I shared a while back for the film “Police Guys”?  If you don’t then you should check out the 1st trailer and then come back here for seconds.  The 2nd trailer was released about a week ago and maintains the hilarity and shutter and utter disregard for sense that captured my attention the first time around.  Check it out:


Mr. Brody, that is downright impressive. Good luck to you and can’t wait to see the finished movie. I don’t even know if I’m supposed to publish this but he did share soething I found quotable:

I’m afraid I’m here to shamelessly promote a lil thing I wrote and directed called ‘Police Guys’. i made this thing with no money. I just had an idea and decided to ask (ok I actually begged) friends of mine to be a part of it.


I respect that.
Source: Writer, director, begger: Jon Lee Brody

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